Vendor Onboarding Template

This template helps you collect all the information needed to approve a company as a vendor and enabling your organization to conduct business, purchase goods and services, and make payments to that company.

With this workflow you will be automatically add new vendors’ info to your company’s database.

Vendor Onboarding Process Template

Completing this process creates a contact in the company system and saves the company and contact representative’s information.

It requests basic information from the company about their business dealings and requests them to accept the terms and conditions.

The next step requires due diligence, uploading necessary documents and verifying compliance. Each step notifies those that require that information in each company. 

Vendor Onboarding Workflow

Process description

Vendor management department fills contact information of a new vendor

Vendor receives notification with information and documents requests

Original company receives notification once info is submitted and reviews new vendor data. This one is automatically stored in the company's system.

Due Diligence team receives new vendor information and start the review process

If new vendor is approved, a notification will be sent automatically to communicate to the new vendor

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