Extend your data across all your applications

With the most intuitive visual design, you can create sophisticated processes in minutes, not months or years. Drag-and-drop elements, add actions and conditions and test it


Become more agile by connecting apps with workflows.


Stream data from different channel and add your own logic to automate the flow.


Virtus Flow is built with Swagger Open APIs to meet your unique business needs.

Break down silos

We developed several connectors to save you time and energy so you can focus to what is more important: growing your business. We include Azure AD, SQL, and no SQL DB, Message Queue systems, spreadsheets, and TXT files. Every month we release new integrations.

Dynamic Forms to automate manual tasks and processes

Connect your systems

Virtus Flow integrates seamlessly with both cloud-based and On-Premise apps. ERP, CRM, Ticketing Management Systems, Asset Management and many others to expand your business without limitations.



We want to make your life easier and for this reason, we create a Data Mapping tool. You can connect your external apps with few clicks simply configuring the APIs or importing data from a query that you wrote or if you’re not techy, upload files and generate new automatic tasks.

Workflow Library

Easy Integrations

With Virtus Flow Data Mapping and Open API you can connect your applications with virtually any other system, no coding required.
Your company’s data is always available to the right users at the right time.

Open API - Swagger

Virtus Flow publish Open API services using Swagger to simplify your life avoiding tedious documentation.

Security First

Define user’s roles and privileges to access/use your data internally and externally your environment. Keep a record of every log with the built-in audit trail system.

Cross Cloud

Virtus Flow seamlessly connects to your data on both Cloud or On-Premise. You only need to set up your connections and that’s it!

Reusable Data source

Create an integration point once or a custom data source, and then reuse it across all your applications, workflows and forms.

Data Mapping

Easily integrate any external data source with Virtus Flow Data Mapping tool. Save time and money from expensive consulting services and the use of so many apps.

Real-Time transactions

Virtus Flow caches your data only when you authorize it, so you'll always be using the most up-to-date information in your applications without compromising security and compliance.

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