Add rules & conditions

Add any type of conditional logic to your form fields to route information, send notifications, store data, etc.

Drag and drop form builder

Quickly create any type of digital forms without coding with our state of the art dynamic forms software.

Embed into website

Make it accessible to external users by embedding previous paper forms directly into your website in seconds.

Quickly retrieve data

Quickly retrieve & use third-party apps data by automatically pulling info from and to your forms.

Integrate with apps

Seamless integration with the apps that you love to get the most from automation.

Use templates

Use our templates and customize online forms in minutes. Or create them from scratch.

VF Workflow automation engine

A real no-code online form builder software

Move along each section of the form and add the rules that apply to you. It saves times helping you to quickly add approval steps and logic to deliver information to a team in charge.

Add conditions to automatically send notifications to their email address. Quickly connect steps with a click.

What to use a dynamic forms software for...


Insurance, service, medical, reimbursement claims ...


Purchase orders, new purchase requests, etc.


Loan application, job application, credit application, financial aid, etc


Automatically generate contact forms, W-9, W-2, 1040, etc.


Quickly fill info, generate and file reports, such as FROI, etc.

Asset Management

Assign, remove, relocate assets and keep them under control.


Time-off, information, changes, maintenance requests ...


Customer, user, employee, vendor surveys ...

Document Automation

Automatically generate documents from information entered.

“Designing forms is very easy now. Virtus Flow's online form builder lets us create forms, integrate data from our existing legacy platform, and roll out a solution in a few hours. It used to take us a few months.”

 Stefano Oppi, COO Cassa di Risparmio di Cento

VF Workflow management

Simplified Work Management

Start and send forms with a click
See when new work has been assigned in real time
Publish public forms in seconds
Quickly access all your work from a single dashboard
Automate data collection
Send automatic notifications after work is completed
Deliver information and documents automatically
Generate documents automatically from data entered

Improved Document Management

  • Automatically store data according to the rules you add: by team, project, customer, employee, etc.
  • Quickly retrieve information and documents with advance filters.
  • Grant or restrict access according to role.
  • Easily add and share documents with your team.
  • Generate automatic audit trails to know everything about your data.
  • Keep your documents organized and accessible.

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Virtus flow document management platform
Virtus Flow Docusing Integration

Adding Electronic Signatures

Add electronic signatures to documents generated from collected data thanks to our integration with DocuSign. Sign forms and documents in seconds.

Watch: how to add eSignatures

Process Library

Create your dynamic forms from scratch or use our templates. Store them by category, department or group. Pull any form with a click.

Explore digital Workflows
Process Library virtus Flow
VF User Management dashboard

User Management

Either the forms are filled by employees, customers or vendors. You can link each form to the user so you can automatically store documents, communications and information in an organized way. It’s also available for external users.

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Integrate with the apps you love

Custom integrations available upon request and previous analysis. Cloud based or on premise installation. Please reach out for questions on needed integrations.

Virtus Flow Integrations

Learn how to build dynamic forms and share them in minutes!

Embed them into your website in seconds or directly share them with users via email.

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Frequent Asked Questions

VF Technical Features:

          • Custom Database: You can create your own tables and custom objects.
          • Data Import: Import data from external data sources and applications in seconds.
          • Data Export: Export data via CSV files or create custom spreadsheets.
          • Add complex formulas to your forms.
          • Multi-select or picking list.
          • Awesome Support to map and streamline your processes 🙂

Absolutely! We have created very powerful features to help the user export data in different formats with just a click.

These are the standard options available:

    • Export data via CSV files
    • Create custom excel files to export your data

Additional Options:

    • Connect to VF Business Intelligence DB to export custom data or to connect your BI system.
    • Connect to an external DB to export data 

Virtus Flow can be installed either On Premise or On Cloud, whatever the customer prefers. Data will be stored accordingly.

Other process automation solutions


Ticket-Case Management

Quickly manage any type of requests with automation: Customer service, internal, vendors, etc. Create, assign and track in seconds.

Ticketing Management

Business Process Management

All-in-one powerful Workflow Automation solution that let you automate any business process without coding.

Digital Workflows

Project Management

Manage teams, tasks, projects, deadlines, documents and more in an easy way. Quickly share info with the team, track milestones with your desired methodology.

Project Management