Automated Processes

Get rid of time consuming repetitive tasks such as data entry, filing, storing documents, back and forth emails and missing information.

Digital HR

Manage all employee data from hiring to retiring. Collaborate with your team members, automatically generate and store documents, streamline employee onboarding, leave requests and get actionable insights.

Superior Organization

Have full visibility and control of your HR processes, tasks, information and staff. Know what is happening, when is happening and by who with real-time data.

One software solution that meets your HR automation needs

Use one single powerful and flexible process automation app to digitize and automate tasks and processes associated to your HR management. From the moment a new hire request is made to the moment that leaves the company.

process automation software

No code and no IT skills needed. Intuitive with drag and drop features. Connect workflows to automate processes end to end across different departments. A fully customizable HR system. Apply logic and conditions to automate more and get rid of human error.

Learn how to automate your workflows

From manual tasks to dynamic forms

Create dynamic forms to automate your human resources management within minutes and improve employee experience. Add fields, declare rules, conditions, approval steps and publish. Automatically generate documents with the desired format. 

Learn how to build interactive forms

Document Management

Create documents automatically from information entered in your forms. Store data automatically by user profile after an employee or vendor fills and submits a form.

Retrieve documents in seconds through search bar. Access last version of any document with our improved version control feature.

Virtus Flow document management module
Virtus Flow Contact Management module

Employee and Asset Management

Manage contacts data, communications and everything concerning your employees from a single dashboard. Keep information centralized and access information in seconds.

Assign, track and control assets assigned to employees in seconds and simplify the offboarding process.

Smart Forms Builder

Automate requests, forms, applications, surveys and more in minutes using Dynamic Forms.

Share them with users by inviting them to collaborate, access them via the user portal or publish them online. All information is automatically sorted following the rules and conditions that you establish.

dynamic forms
Virtus Flow Docusing Integration

Certified e-Signatures

Integrate with DocuSign and e-sign documents, contracts and NDAs generated through digital workflows to streamline the full process.

kanban board project management view

Task and Workflow Manager

Manage tasks and workflows from a single dashboard, together with those of your team. Never miss a request or deadline. Know the status of requests and work at all times.


HR processes automated in minutes



Recruitment process, employee application, evaluation and decision making


Employee onboarding process and communications


Employee requisition form, approvals and associated processes


Employee benefits administration and assigned assets

Employee training and performance reviews management

Employee PTO, sick days leave management and time tracking

Travel budget, reimbursements, petty cash requests and expense reports.

Employee offboarding process and transfers

“Designing forms is now a breeze. Virtus Flow HR automation software lets us create online forms, integrate data from legacy platform, and roll out a solution in a few hours. It used to take a few months.”


Stefano Oppi, COO Cassa di Risparmio di Cento

Virtus Flow HR Automation Software features

Integrated with your LOB

VF connects HR professionals with those from other LoBs; your HR department with apps and systems other areas use. It automatically updates when roles change or new users are added.

Advanced Logic

A HR automation tool that allows you to apply custom business process rules to your forms. It pulls data from other systems and databases. This reduces the time spent to search for information while avoiding duplicated data.

Improved User Experience

Save time and money with our no-code design environment. It allows you to build interfaces that can capture or display any type of information. Simplify the work of HR managers and HR teams.


Build interfaces once and use them across one or more processes. If something needs to change, update it once and all your applications will immediately use the new version.

Clone, Update, Publish

Clone your production form and edit to create a new version or new form, test and publish. Publish in your website to facilitate applications or have them available on the employee portal for internal uses.

Any device, anywhere

Interactions with your users and customers have no boundaries with Virtus Flow cloud based app. Forms are fully responsive so you can work everywhere, anytime from any device.

No-Code Workflow Management Software for Human Resources

Simplify your daily work when you use one HR software to automate your HR workflows in minutes ( without writing a single line of code )

Get in contact and one of our experts will guide you with a free demo customized to your business process. 



Few important features to highlight:

  • Virtus Flow is a No-Code digital workflow automation solution, which allows you to automate HR processes completely without the intervention of developers. This helps users to streamline even complex processes in minutes.
  • The platform allows you not only to automate HR processes but any business process and connect them among them.
  • No matter how intricate the process is you can automate it with Virtus Flow. 
  • Virtus Flow has other powerful features integrated that eliminates the need for many complementary app. Such features include: Dynamic Forms, Document Management, esignatures, Ticketing Management, Time-Off App and Project Management.


Absolutely YES!

We have several custom integrations with several of the most popular apps in the market. However, if you work with other solutions you would like to integrate it with, we can do a custom integration.

You can check our integrations here



Many companies do not have the man power to take care of a process automation project, or are very busy with other more important tasks. Which is one of the main reasons why they prefer to outsource the full project.

Our team includes process automation experts that can take care of this task for you.

You can book your consultation here



Virtus Flow has been designed so users can import data from third party apps in seconds, thanks to our powerful data wrapper.

In addition, users can export data collected, stored and managed in the platform using the desired format with just a few clicks.