Investment Banking Automation

A one stop solution to automate your Non-Core banking processes.

Virtus Flow automation platform

Automate up to 50% of work activities

Gain up to 3 hours a day back

Eliminate human error by 60%

Deployment in days not months

Automate any process without coding

Customer facing or back office process, Virtus flow can help you automate it in hours.

Our solution is designed to help investment banks and other financial institutions to digitize banking processes end-to-end without the need for developers.

It guarantees fast deployment and less invested resources.

Solutions for Investment Banks

Bring aboard the digital banking capabilities you need to streamline your processes and serve customers the way they want.

One single tool to simplify everyday banking


Digitize & Automate your processes with one single process automation solution


Simplify & Reduce compliance operation cost with automatic audit trails


Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks such as data entry, phone calls or back and forth emails


Build, Share & Publish Digital Workflows in minutes. Automatically route work


Manage people, tasks, communications, projects, documents, notifications from one single dashboard


Know everything that is happening when is happening and by who with real-time access to data


Improve customer service and customer experience with digital channels


Decrease liability with automatic audit trails. Get to know every detail and solve problems faster

dynamic forms builder

Workflow Automation for Digital Investment Banks

  • Automate banking processes without writing a single line of code.
  • Digitize & automate tasks, processes, information delivery, requests, work assignments, status updates, and more.
  • Create & share dynamic forms to automate dozens of processes in minutes.
  • Create digital workflows to connect people, information, processes, and resources.
  • Gain full control of everything is happening at any given time.
  • Get access to real-time data for better decision making.

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“Automating processes is now a breeze. Virtus Flow lets us create online forms and integrate data from our existing legacy platform in minutes. Now, we are able to roll out a solution in a few hours. Before, it used to take a few months.”

Stefano Oppi, Cassa di Risparmio di Cento

Digital Onboarding

Provide a fully streamlined and digital customer onboarding and complete the process in minutes.

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Digital Onboarding for banks

Complete your banking projects in days, not months or years!

Fast deployment, no coding needed, third party custom integrations, digital signatures and more in a single platform.


Hear about other banking automation projects

Learn what other banks are doing to provide their customers products and services through digital channels. Get to know what they are looking into, the projects they are working on and how the digital transformation is taking place. “One process at a time”.

Case Studies
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Guide for Banking Automation

Access exclusive information on process automation technology for digital banking:

  • Where to start from.
  • How to improve financial services’ processes with automation.
  • Processes you can quickly automate in a budget.
  • Which technology to use.
  • How to carry a successful digital transformation in banking.
  • Savings to expect by process automated.

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