A must have solution for financial institutions looking to meet and exceed their client's borrowing needs


Streamline loan applications
Loan Origination

Streamline your Personal Loan process from start to finish

Provide customers with a seamless online application process that allows them to:

    • Access, fill and submit loan applications in minutes
    • Receive confirmation and funds in seconds
    • Have full visibility over the process

Digital Loan Management

Provide team members with a powerful tool that helps them to:

    • Close loans 10x faster
    • Have 360º visibility on requests and clients
    • Get rid of cumbersome manual tasks
    • Simplify reporting

digital loan management
Digital Lending

Customer centric banking and digital lending at the speed they need

seamless digital onboarding

Seamless Digital Onboarding experience

    • Gather all data and documents in minutes
    • Make instant verifications for accurate applications
    • Provide fully digital self-guided applications for each of your loan products
    • Convert more customers with automatic reminders

digital loan app

Transparent loans and fees

    • Provide access to loan and fee information in seconds
    • Automate your loan resolution
    • Remove friction an provide customers with the ability to choose the terms that better suit them in real time

instant identity verification

Simplified application and speedy verifications

    • Instant identity and credit verification through third party credit bureau integration
    • Grant pre-approval in minutes
    • Single interface with a superior user experience

instant loan funding

Instant account funding

    • Online closing in seconds
    • Certified digital signatures that allow customers to close deals remotely
    • Connect to customer’s bank and fund account in seconds

Accelerate your lending processes with unparalleled customer experience

Virtus Flow Lending is an intelligent automation platform thought to simplify lending processes for banks and credit unions. It offers real end to end automation without writing a single line of code.

    • No-Code fully customizable lending automation
    • Intuitive workflow modeler and powerful workflow automation (BPM)
    • Contract automation embedded
    • End to end integration with credit bureau and API

Custom no code workflow automation
Digital Lending

Fully streamlined digital loans and flexible platform

Personalize your customer journey applying rules and conditions in seconds. Create digital forms in minutes, integrate with digital signature platforms and other third party apps in no time thanks to our state of the art data wrapper.

Personal Loans

Create workflows for each of your personal loans

Credit Cards

Make automatic decisions based on applicant's info


Instantly notify applicant based on his credit report

Car Loans

Calculate rates automatically based on applicant's history


Automatically generate contracts and add eSignatures


Add logic to make automatic decisions on applications

What Virtus Flow Lending offers


Pre validation process

Customer engagement


Application & Acquisition

ID verification & Video selfie

Risk profile & Scoring

Dynamic pricing & Contracts finalization


Automatic notifications

Risk monitoring

Operational management

Digital Lending app for banks

Discover how to streamline your loan process with VF Digital Lending platform!

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Banking Automation

Process Automation Tools for Back-Office

A powerful no-code automation solution to automate non-core banking processes in days.

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