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A complete Ticket Management Software

Manage your tickets with just a few clicks. Drag-and-drop feature allows you to easily change the status of your tickets or cases as you work.

You can have full visibility of pending tickets and know what your team is currently working on, what was completed and more.

Get a 360º view of all tasks and work in a single dashboard.

Quickly change your task management dashboard to Kanban Board style or preferred view.

Ticket management kanban board

Intuitive Ticketing System

Virtus Flow Ticket Solution provides an intuitive help desk software to simplify interactions and requests between internal users, customers and vendors. It allows you to quickly create, assign and monitor tickets of any nature from a single dashboard. This is how it works!

internal users

Internal Users

Speed up requests processing and issue resolution by streamlining internal processes, such as service requests or IT support.

Keep track of what is happening inside your organization and avoid bottlenecks by having full visibility on your team's work.



Improve customer experience by providing seamless support channels, helping your customers to reach you and resolve issues any time any day.

Simplify information sharing and keep customers updated with real-time data. Take customer relationship to the next level.

Complete service desk suite for Customer Support

Best-in-class ticketing

Move away from your inbox. Sort, prioritize, and resolve customer issues with ease by converting all the communications into tickets.

Workflow automation

Improve productivity by automating repetitive tasks, so you can focus on resolving customer issues. Customize Virtus Flow's templates to save money and reduce your efforts.

Designed for you

Our design environment allows you to build interfaces that can capture or display any type of information. It helps you to do more from a single interface.

Insights and Reports

Use Virtus Flow’s built-in reports to track team performance, tickets on hold, customer satisfaction and identify your biggest bottlenecks.


Combine Ticketing Management with Project and Task automation. Share workflows across different departments and teams. Integrate with external applications or DB.

Best practices

We follow international best practices and processes to simplify the adoption and increasing up to 400% of your team's efficiency.

ticket management creation

Simplest Ticket Management System

You can now create tickets in almost no time. Virtus Flow’s ticket management system is fully customizable. It allows you to add the categories and classifications that better suit your company.

The system has plenty of fields to make sure the user can add all the needed documentation to support the request. Automatically route tickets by establishing rules and conditions.

You can now even create tickets from your mail box!

Gain More Control

Organize your tickets and cases by typology and gain more control. You can use the default categories or customize them according to you needs.

Filter according to your user role. You can now have full access to all tickets and cases managed by your team, your department or the entire organization.

Ticket management system filtering features
ticket management software

Custom Filtering Features

Get a closer look at your tickets by adding further filtering fields. Closely track the status of those tickets you or your team open. Receive automatic notifications when an action has been taken on your tickets.

Filter tickets and cases by date, status, owner, typology, project and more

Convenient Ticketing Management

Now, available also from your cellphone, to simplify and speed up your operations.

Simple, portable, accessible ticket management. It goes with you anywhere your team goes.

“Designing forms is now a breeze. Virtus Flow lets us create online forms and integrate data from our existing legacy platform. It has allowed us to roll out a solution in a few hours when it used to take a few months.” 


Stefano Oppi, COO Cassa di Risparmio di Cento

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Why Virtus Flow?

Customer expectations around service have evolved and employees now expect the same standard at their workplace. Virtus Flow is the perfect solution to deliver the best customer experiences.

With Virtus Flow, both employees and customers, appreciate how easy, reliable, and more productive are their days. Discover how automation can support your business saving time and money for your organization.

Virtus Flow Collaboration software

Manage your tickets in seconds!

with the simplest Ticket Management System for everyday work!