Purchase Orders

Automate purchase requests and automatically route them and keep track of action taken.

Vendor Onboarding

Establish simple & transparent digital processes to guide your vendor onboarding process. Trigger automated vendor events.

Vendor Credentialing

Automatically route information and documentation to the team or person in charge. Notify them and track status.

Due Diligence

Send automatic notifications and trigger events after action is taken. Ease vendor risk management.


Digitize Requests for Information processes to simplify vendor information sharing & management.


Simplify public tenders with digital and automated Requests for Proposal. Channel information & decision making.

Contract Management

Plan and automatically trigger notifications, reminders, tasks & events according to vendor contract terms.

Vendor Portal

A single vendor management solution to manage everything in an organized, trackable & transparent way.

Information Management

Full document management deck to quickly access and manage documents and information.

Vendor Management Automation

Automate any of your vendor management workflows adding the rules and conditions that apply to your particular business. Alternatively you can use one of our templates and customize accordingly.

Explore how to automate workflows
Workflow automation and workflow management virtus flow
dynamic forms builder virtus flow

Dynamic Forms Builder

Automate dozens of processes in minutes using interactive forms.

    • Automatically route and deliver information
    • Send automatic notifications
    • Guide the user by only showing relevant fields 
    • Pull data from third party apps
    • Digitize forms, surveys, applications, requests and more.
Explore how to build interactive forms

Quickly complete and submit purchase requests. Automatically route them according to their nature, rules and conditions that you pre-set. Onboard new vendors and store data in minutes!

Trigger approval steps. Send automatic notifications when action is taken and keep team members updated.

Supplier Management Software

Manage purchase requests, invoices, tasks and work from a single dashboard. Automatically receive notifications when new requests are submitted.

Route requests to a team, department or even a team member. Manage your work and that of your team. Keep track of everything that is happening at any time with real time access to data.

Vendor management platform
Virtus flow user information management

Supplier Information Management

Manually add or automatically store internal users and vendors information after they have filled onboarding documents.

Automatically store vendor communications, documents, and requests directly on the user profile. Grant or deny access to information according to need.

Simplify vendor relationship and vendor performance management by keeping track of every activity.

Document Management and Automation

Generate, route and store documents automatically. Manage sales quotes, orders, POs, invoices all in one single platform.

Track due dates and notify users automatically. Retrieve documents faster. Quickly add, open and share them with a click. Drag and drop features simplify your work.

Add digital signature to your contracts in seconds.

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Document Management virtus flow

How you benefit from VF's Vendor Management Software

Secure, accessible, organized with a powerful cloud based solution. Work and collaborate with vendors no matter where you or they are.

Complete processes faster with less resources and fewer human errors. Use a single management platform to automate all your vendor processes under and integrate them to other business processes.

Speedier, simpler, smoother with digital applications, requests and processes. Better tracking and superior organization.

Fast ROI, speedy implementation without coding and without business disruption. Complete automation projects in days, not months.

Mitigate risk with automatic audit trails, access controls to information and a more effective due diligence.

Simplify vendor relationships and manage vendors more efficiently. Use less resources to manage supplier, purchases, payments and so forth. Increase transparency and keep information and users accessible at all times.

Integrate with the apps you love without hassle. If needed custom integrations are available and can be completed within weeks.

task and process management virtus flow

Explore how to automate your Vendor Management processes with Virtus Flow!

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Other process automation solutions

Automate any business process end to end without writing a single line of code.


Easily manage tasks, projects, teams, documents and more.


Manage tickets and cases with a few clicks. Keep track at all times.



Virtus Flow allows users not only to create their own vendor portal and automate vendor related processes, but to automate any business process.

It allows to easily integrate vendor management workflows to those of other department and offices.

      • Process Automation (No-Code)
      • Dynamic Forms: automate data gathering, requests, forms, surveys, onboarding, and more.
      • Document Automation: Generate, route and store documents automatically
      • Collaboration
      • Vendor Portal
      • Ticketing Management
      • Automatic notifications and alerts
      • eSignature

Absolutely YES! We have developed powerful integrations with popular solutions such as Sales Force, SAP, DocuSign, ShipStation, etc.

In addition, we offer custom integrations if you would like to integrate with other solutions.