Workflow automation engine

Automate your business processes without coding


Apply the business rules that suit your business and processes. Virtus Flow provides a flexible workflow automation technology to help you digitize and automate your processes without writing a single line of code.

Automate your business processes on your own terms

Supplier Management

Automate any process following the business rules that apply to your supplier management dynamics.


Track every request and issue with custom workflows and automatic audit trails.


Automate any HR related process, from new employee requisition to off-boarding.


Manage injury reports and gather data to file with insurance easily. Retrieve information and build reports.

Quality Control

Gain higher visibility with real time access to data. Simplify work with automatic audit trails & automatic tasks.


Speed up sales, gain control  and improve customer service with digital and automated purchasing orders.


Simplify documentation and collaboration. Trigger events and share information automatically.

Information Technology

Digitize your request forms and approval processes, assign assets and manage tickets easier.

Facility Management

Manage your assets, schedule controls, and verification forms. Real-time reports to get better insights.

Automated procurement processes

Streamline suppliers management from sourcing to tracking with a seamless end-to-end process. Manage purchase order requests, approval steps, documents, and digital forms with a single platform. Simplify the entire supply chain process reducing tedious activities.


Optimize supplier operations

Stop wasting time with back and forth communications with your suppliers. Manage documents, orders, and messages publishing Supplier Portals designed for you with Digital Forms and Dynamic workflows. Optimize supplier operations to cut costs and work better.

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"I like Virtus Flow because of it versatility and limitless customization. The platform is very user friendly and caters to all of our needs!"


Sarah Killian, Manager, Provider Operations - Alivi Health

Quality inspections. A breeze!

Centralize quality controls and linked processes to gain better insights. Automate communications to save time and reduce inefficiencies. Schedule repetitive activities and simplify inspections with online forms. Track tasks and resources, keeping everything organized.


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