Most businesses are carrying out a digital transformation to keep up with the modern business landscape. However, one key department is often left behind in the whole process: the HR team.

Human Resource departments can benefit from recent innovations that target their concerns, but 87% of HR departments cannot utilize these solutions because of budgetary constraints.

This negatively affects talent management processes, especially now that HR departments are challenged to address employee shortages and design new work models.

» As employees enter a new era of work, HR professionals need to adjust urgently by identifying and investing in the right technologies. This article intends to help you in the search.

4 HR tools essential to HR professionals

HR Benefits Administration Solutions

1- Benefits Administration Solutions

Employee benefits are not optional perks, especially if you want to keep the workforce happy and satisfied for a long time. In addition to keep a close eye to organizational costs.

But aside from providing payroll, it’s also important for HR teams to ensure that their benefits package will be easy to access through the right technology.

To make this process easier, HR departments can use benefits administration solutions in securing and delivering company perks to the workforce.

These management systems can ensure that the HR department is able to provide benefits that are in compliance with federal regulations, like the Affordable Care Act.

Benefit Administration Tools to look at

    • Advantage Club: It helps employers to set and track rewards, recognitions, perks, sales contest and even early access to salary.
    • Paylocity: It simplifies access to benefits credentials, account balances, contribution amounts for employees. While it allows employers to administer third-party benefit services.
    • Vantage Circle: It helps companies to automate employee rewards and recognition programs. Including exclusive corporate perks  and discounts for employees.
HR workflow automation solutions

2- HR Workflow Automation Solutions

HR professionals handle an overwhelming number of responsibilities. However, they can reduce their time-consuming activities by getting help and support from workflow automation tools at their disposal.

» Instead of spending hours on tons of manual tasks and countless repetitive tasks HR professionals can automate processes such as:

        • Employee onboarding and hiring
        • Asset allocation
        • Employee access management
        • Coordination with IT department
        • Time off management
        • Training and evaluations
        • Expense reimbursements
        • Contract creation and management, etc

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Online employee training tools

3- Online Employee Training Tools

Now that organizations have adopted to remote work models, many have failed to provide digital training programs due to technological limitations.

Investing in digital training tools is crucial, especially in talent management.

Training and development for employee programs can prevent employee turnover, which costs US businesses more than $630 billion annually.

Preparing employee onboarding programs as well as programs for management, sales, and mentees are more important than ever as companies adopt new work models.

Training Tools to look at

    • ProPofs LMS: It allows you to create or use ready to use training sessions, add quizzes and assessments, create reports and certificates, etc.
    • Mentorink: It provides an online mentoring platform that enables organizations to start and run smart mentoring activities with tailored content and guidance.
    • Appreiz: It’s an employee engagement platform, through which companies facilitate internal / external recognition and performance management. 
Employee time tracking tools design - 2022-09-19T090136.920

4- Time Tracking Software Programs

HR professionals can conduct better performance management over the progress of employees using time tracking tools.

These tools help HR professionals in automating timesheets and invoicing, thus allowing companies to get more accurate data. They also help in the management of employees and projects.

With tools to provide this kind of information, HR employees simply have to analyze the time data of the workforce to have productivity and performance input.

Time Tracking Tools to look at

    • Toggl Track: Intuitive employee time tracking software for large teams, with accurate time reports you can export in seconds.
    • Harvest: Its features include time tracking, reporting and analysis, invoicing and payments. 
    • Connecteam: Designed for deskless teams to easily clock in while on-the-go. It helps employers to track time for jobs, projects, clients, equipment, mileage, and more.

Professionals are shifting towards a new era of work, and in these changing times, HR professionals will need all the help that they can get.

By using smarter HR management systems, professionals will find it easier to manage and provide for the entire workforce.

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Written in collaboration with: Ricci Jenna