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Create digital workflows

Automate repetitive tasks, forms and manual processes completely code-free. Add fields and rules that apply to your process, test and publish in no time.

Work with any type of format, document, table, pull data generated from other workflows or systems.

Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and save time eliminating human intervention when it’s no needed.

rules and conditions

Add rules and conditions

Increase efficiency and reduce human error by applying powerful logic to your workflows.

Easily add business process management rules that apply to each step and workflow. Add simple or complex conditions to have more control over the process.

workflow management rules
digital workflow management
workflow steps

Connect workflow steps

Quickly connect workflow steps. Establish the rules you want to apply with a user friendly drag and drop interface.

Connect to other workflows with a few clicks and automate processes end to end.

With one single workflow automation tool you can automate and connect any process.

approval steps

Add approval steps

Add as many approval steps as needed. Automatically route to teams, departments, or just one specific staff member. Automate your approval processes in a few steps.

Automatically receive notifications on new and pending tasks on your work dashboard and via email.

Approval workflow management
task automation
trigger tasks automatically

Trigger tasks automatically

Transform your business operations with automated tasks and enhance your team collaboration by assigning tasks and starting events automatically.

Send documents, information, create calendar events, to-dos, alerts, reminders, start new workflows, assign work automatically.

Manage all your processes from one single dashboard!

Quickly manage all your work and that of your team from a single dashboard. Get real time information on everything that is happening and who is in charge.

Manage employees, clients and vendors digitally, with a single workflow management tool. 

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Workflow Management dashboard
dynamic forms

Create dynamic forms 

Automate claims, forms, surveys, requests, documents, applications and so much more in seconds. Generate, store and share documents automatically from information entered. 

Publish them in your website or share via email in seconds.


Manage documents in a smart way

Control access by sharing information just with entitled users. Share documents with team members in seconds. Access always last document version and backlog if needed.

Keep information save and have a 360º view with automatic audit trails.

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Virtus flow document management platform

Some of the processes our customers are automating with Virtus Flow

Everything Forms

New employee requisition, internal requests, purchase requests and orders, W-4, I-9, PPP loan, etc.

Loan Origination

Publish digital loan applications online and directly route applications to the loan department.

HR Processes

Employee onboarding, to asset management, off-boarding, training, hiring, relocation, etc.

Vendor Management

From new vendor request, to evaluation and selection, onboarding, due diligence, and more.

Customer Support

Customer requests, claims, complaints, etc. Automatically route according to the nature of request.


Service desk, change management, IT inventory, INFOSEC controls, permission requests and more.


Supplier portal, purchase orders, contract management, etc.

Asset Management

Manage company assets by controlling who they are assigned to and keeping a secure record.


Case management, non performing loans, contract management, new customer requests.

Facility Management

Asset management, maintenance plan, service requests, building and maps.


First report of injury, expense reports, business trips reports, vendor reports and more.


Operational control risk, project risk assessment, compliance controls.

Choose one process and we will automate it for free!

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What you get when using VF workflow automation software

Fast deployment

Complete your process automation project in days, no months or years.

100% Responsive

No more old client-based applications. 100% web responsive to reduce the burden of enterprise deployments - SSO included.

Cloud based

Work from any part of the world, any time. Access work from any device.

No-Code Solution

No IT skills needed to automate workflows. Drag and drop features. Few clicks are all it takes.

All-in-One solution

Workflow automation, web forms, ticket management, project management & document management.

Real-time trail

Real time status and audit trail. Full control with real-time data access. Know everything that is happening at any time.

High Tech Integrations

    • Bulk API
    • High data volume
    • Custom integrations

Low level integrations that save bandwidth, are scalable and provide better performance. Other integrations will be available soon!

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Other workflow management software

web form icon

Create, publish and share web forms in minutes. Automatically generate, store and deliver information.

ticket management icon

Create, route and manage claims, requests, issues, etc. Quickly track status and notify the users automatically.

project management icon

Manage projects, tasks, deadlines, milestones, teams and information with the methodology of your like.

Frequent Asked Questions

    • Companies that are looking to automate several business processes.
    • Companies that start having a degree of complexity and therefore need to standardize processes.
    • Medium to large companies with a large number of processes and looking to automate them with one single solution.
    • Companies looking to automate complex processes or very particular to their industry.

Virtus Flow is a REAL no-code workflow automation software with very powerful capabilities. This means that any user, even without IT skills can automate simple or complex processes in minutes or hours. Depending of course on complexity and length.

Many companies come to us after having explored many of the most renowned names in the market. They are usually surprised to find the very powerful features our solution offers.

They allow users to automate really intricate processes and customize each detail needed.

Absolutely! We have already integrated VF with over 10 of the most popular solutions.

We also offer custom integrations!

Yes! If the customer prefers to delegate the process automation to us we can take care of it for a fee.