Create, Share & Publish Digital Workflows


We reproduced the way our brain solves problems to help you create your workflows in minutes. In a natural and logical way. You can automate processes with a few clicks.

100% Responsive

No more old client-based applications. Virtus Flow is 100% web responsive to reduce the burden of enterprise deployments - SSO included.

Logic & Conditions

Establish rules and constraints to dynamically route work to people and departments; trigger events, tasks, automatically share information and more.

No-Code Solution

No IT skills needed to automate manual workflows and tasks. Drag and drop features will guide any user to achieve results faster. Few clicks are all it takes.

Document Management

Manage documents as part of your workflows with mentions & other social connectors. Automatically share, request and store documents and information.

Real-time trail

Real-time status and audit trail for every step and action your users take. Have full control with real-time data access and know everything that is happening.

“We love Virtus Flow because is the easiest solution to automate our business processes. We saved more than 50% of the time we spent on repetitive processes. We increased our customer satisfaction by providing external access to forms and workflows to our customers. Most of all, their responsive support offers peace of mind.”


Alice Dazzan, Workteam

Process & Workflow Automation Software

Automate simple or complex processes in minutes with user-friendly workflow automation tools. Connect steps, tasks, activities and processes across your organization and external users by establishing rules and conditions. Get rid of human error and get more done.

process and workflow management software
workflow automation engine data fields

No-Code Process Automation

You can build workflows without having to write a single line of code. Manage your data fields and pull data from internal and external data sources as well as other digital workflows. Add documents of different formats and send information to other workflows.


Digital Workflows Library

Manage your processes from a single dashboard. Use templates from your process library or create new ones in minutes. You can organize them by area, department or any other preference. Then just click to run a workflow.

Workflow Library
Workflow Management

Simple Workflow Management

Access, track and take action on your active digital workflows with just a click. See the status and your newly submitted workflows. If you have a team to manage, you can have access to all the workflows and information of your team; all from a single dashboard.


What our customers are using Virtus Flow's workflow automation software for!

Requisition Forms

Service Desk

Loan Origination

Claims Management


Asset Management

Vendor Management

IT Inventory

Speed up your operations with Digital Workflows!

Automate your business processes on your own terms! Apply the logic and conditions that apply to your workflows and get more done, faster and better.

Virtus Flow Workflow Automation software


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