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We’ve reimagined the entire back-office experience to work without tedious and repetitive tasks. Even though everyone is talking about process automation, most retail banks have not done much with it due to technical complexity and management concerns.

With Virtus Flow, you can have a partner to drive your automation projects with our unique no-code architecture. Streamline your processes that work best for your team.

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Digital Transformation? Done!

Automation may not be the most exciting part of the banking digital transformation process but is one of the most important.

Many Retail Banking institutions are still experimenting with new technologies like RPA and DPA with a limited number of processes.

With Virtus Flow, you can design your first digital workflow in less than 15 minutes. Start saving up to 80% of your time from repetitive activities.


Improve operational efficiency.

A wide range of repetitive and manual tasks, such as data acquisition, customer onboarding, data reconciliation, electronic communications, and data migration, can all be completed by Intelligent Automation.

When you streamline processes end-to-end, your Bank can work faster, better, and with fewer human errors.

Virtus Flow focuses on automating workflows with human decisions involved, simplifying the day by day routine.

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Banking automation guide

Forget workflows. Think automation.

Automation is the future of the financial & banking industry, and recent events have sped up its adoption. But there are many challenges while integrating new technologies or implementing innovative methods.

To answer your questions, we wrote this eBook, showing how other Credit Unions applied Digital Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) successfully.

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“Designing forms is now a breeze. Virtus Flow lets us create online forms, integrate data from our existing legacy platform, and roll out a solution in a few hours when it used to take a few months.”


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no-code process automation software for banks

Forgot "low-code", go "no-code".

Would you like a platform where your business people - marketers, managers, CX leaders, operations experts, HR - build the processes they need? With Virtus Flow, you don't need to be an IT guru because you don't code software.

Anyone can design a new process in minutes. Thanks to a modern user interface that seamlessly integrates out-of-the-box applications with a workflow builder, you can leave the heavy code behind. Additionally, the IT team can manage rules and APIs with a click, assigning department's leaders' different rules and options. Move your operations to a new level of efficiency.

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