Workflow automation software solutions are all over the place.

It’s virtually impossible to keep up with the many features they all offer when you barely understand the processes yourself.

The question so many companies are coming back to is: what is the best workflow automation software for my company’s unique needs? 

To make selecting the right workflow automation easier, we’ve compared thirty workflow automation platforms based on the business problem they solve and their functionality.

Let’s start by defining workflow automation tools and how they differ from business process management tools.

Workflow Automation Software vs Business Process Management Tools

Business Process Management (BPM) is the process modeling, discovery, analysis, measurement, improvement, optimization and automation that companies undertake to increase efficiency and meet customers demands.

This process can often get confused with workflow automation as they both result in increased time and money savings by reducing manual processes.

» However, they differ in complexity and overall goals.

While workflow automation software uses rule-based logic to enable automation for individual tasks or niche oriented processes, BPM is a more robust system that supports process streamlining across an entire organization.

It’s important to note that once set up correctly, neither approach relies on human intervention to operate smoothly.

When to Look for a Workflow Automation Tool

How to know which solution is the right one

If you are looking to eliminate manual tasks and save time in one specific department, and that one alone, for example procurement, then you can look for a procurement specific workflow automation tool.

This kind of tool usually comes with already pre-defined workflows, which your team members can quickly customize and use.

Some of the areas that we are seeing most businesses are looking to streamline adopting workflow automation tools are:

Sales and marketing departments that want to improve the customer service, traceability and close sales faster.

Finance departments who could benefit from automating processes such as:

      • Expense approvals
      • Purchase payments
      • Budget creation & approval, etc.

Human Resources that need to easily:

      • Manage candidates
      • Manage employees
      • Collect employee feedback
      • Distribute key documents, etc.

Operations departments that are looking to:

      • automate and compile reports
      • eliminate duplicate records
      • manage team permissions, etc.

Purchasing teams that are handling a great number of vendors and service providers and must improve workflow processes as:

      • Vendor onboarding
      • Credentialing
      • Contract creation and management
      • Communications, etc.

But, what if you want to create workflows to automate processes in more areas?

When to Look for a BPM Software?

  • If you are looking to automate business workflows across different LoBs
  • When you have company specific processes that are not the industry standard
  • If you have intricate processes in place
  • When you are looking for seamless integrations with specific third party applications

Even though there is no general rule, larger companies with well-defined processes get more out of BPM software.

Whereas smaller or less structured companies are better off opting for simpler workflow automation software that focuses on pre-built workflows for more detailed tasks.

5 Business Process Management Solutions to Look At

1- Virtus Flow

It’s a fully No Code Digital Process Automation solution that helps automate and manage business processes across all departments and industries

Features include:

    • Dynamic forms generation
    • Document automation
    • Complex rules and conditions
    • Reporting & Analytics
    • Project management
    • Ticketing Management
    • Templates
    • Document Management,
    • Communications Management
    • Customer, Vendor & Employee Portal, etc

Virtus Flow workflow automation software

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2- Kissflow

This cloud-based Low Code- No Code BPM solution helps to automate processes, business activity monitoring performance and approve pending tasks, among others.

Features include:

    • Workflow management
    • Form Designer
    • Collaboration
    • Project Management
    • Reporting
    • Ticketing System
    • Templates

Kissflow pricing

3- Kintone

Designed to help teams build, share, and automate custom workflows.

Features include:

    • Workflow management
    • Project management
    • Team collaboration
    • Data management
    • Notifications

Kintone pricing

4- FlowForma

Features include form designer, workflow and document generation to help you digitize business processes without coding and with minimal IT involvement. It enables cross-functional teams to collaborate and can be integrated to a large number of external apps.

FlowForm pricing

5- AuraQuantic

This BPM suite helps companies in their digital transformation journey through optimization and digitization of their processes.

Features include:

    • Workflow management
    • Data Management
    • Document Management
    • Content Management
    • Intranet & Extranet

AuraQuantic pricing

5 Vendor Management Workflow Automation Software

1- Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper serves as an all-in-one vendor lifecycle management platform.

Features include:

    • Vendor Portal
    • Self registration
    • Contract templates
    • Contract repository
    • Risk Assessment
    • Surveys

Gatekeeper pricing

2- PRM360

It’s a cloud-based procurement software that helps to manage the organization’s efforts to obtain supplies and run related processes.

Features include:

    • Online bidding
    • Contracts and Invoices Repository
    • Contract Management
    • Spend analysis
    • Catalog Management
    • Project Management
    • Vendor Profiling
    • Risk management

Pricing not provided on the website.

3- Precoro

It promises to provide cost effective and easy to use procurement solutions to help companies reduce administrative headaches, lower costs, and increase productivity.

Features include:

    • PO generations
    • Tracking
    • Requests
    • Approvals workflows
    • Reporting
    • Budget management
    • Supplier management
    • Warehouse management

Precoro pricing

4- SAP Fieldglass

This cloud-based platform helps organizations find, manage, and engage third party vendors. It helps automate compliance management, security, quality of work, and more.

Features include:

  • Contingent workforce management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Service Management
  • Vendor Onboarding and offboarding
  • Work management
  • Project Management
  • Vendor negotiations

Price not shared through the website

5- AMN Healthcare

It’s a healthcare specific vendor management system that administers the acquisition of nursing, allied, locum tenens and non-clinical professionals.

Features include:

    • Requisition creation and approvals
    • Invoice approvals and billing
    • Credentialing
    • Reporting
    • Scheduling
    • Bidding

Pricing not provided on its website.

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5 Human Resources Automation Tools

1- Bamboo HR

This automation platform was particularly built for HR as it offers an all-in-one software.

Features include:

    • Reporting & Analytics
    • Workflows
    • Employee records
    • Payroll and benefits administrations
    • Time off tracking
    • Performance management

Price is not shared publicly.

2- Gusto

Gusto offers payroll solutions, employee onboarding, management of employee benefits and time tracking.

Services include:

    • Payroll Management
    • Employee Benefits
    • Onboarding
    • Hiring
    • Talent management
    • Time tracking
    • Workers Compensation
    • Reporting

Gusto pricing

3- Paycom

This solution is employee-driven for talent acquisition, talent management, payroll, labor management and more.

Features include:

    • Payroll
    • Talent Acquisitions
    • Talent Management
    • Time Management
    • HR documents management
    • Expense Management

Pricing is not shared on the website.

4- Zoho

From hiring to retiring, Zoho offers robust automation for all your HR operations. You can also consolidate employee data, streamline communications, and much more.

Features include:

    • Recruitment
    • Employee management
    • Payroll
    • Time off management
    • HR chatbot
    • Analytics
    • Expense Management
    • Shift Management
    • Surveys
    • Performance Evaluations

zoho pricing

5- HiBob

Automate HR processes, seamlessly create reports, and store all HR documentation in one, easily accessible location.

Features include:

    • Workforce planning
    • Payroll
    • Time Management
    • Surveys
    • Performance
    • Benefits administrations
    • Analytics

Prices are not shared publicly.

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5 Ticket Management Automation Software

1- Virtus Flow Ticketing

It offers a complete service desk suite for any department ticketing need. One of its very particular features is that it is fully integrated to our workflow engine.

This allows you to automatically create tickets after certain criteria apply, or vice versa, start a process when certain tickets are submitted or resolved.

Features include:

    • Full customization
    • Incident Management
    • Change Management
    • Facility Management
    • Custom dashboard
    • Insights & Reporting
    • Project Management
    • User Management
    • ALC and automatic audit trails
    • Document Management
    • Dynamic Forms

Virtus Flow Ticketing

2- HubSpot

It lets users log, organize, and keep track of customer issues. You can automate tickets to create a help desk, prioritize requests to resolve issues faster.

Features include:

    • Customer portal
    • Knowledge Base
    • Omni-channel messaging
    • Live chat
    • VoIP calling
    • Customer Surveys
    • Service Analytics
    • Team Management

Hubspot Pricing

3- Jira

Provides a ticketing solution for tracking, and notifications for both internal and external customers. Jira focuses on supporting  IT teams.

Features include:

    • Templates
    • Task Management
    • Request & Incident Management
    • Asset Management
    • Change Management
    • Smart Forms
    • Reporting

Jira pricing

4- Zendesk

Zendesk was designed to help you assist customers with online tickets by using better intel and less manual work. Their software lets you solve customer support tickets via web, email, phone, SMS, and social media.

Features include:

    • Conversational support
    • Omni-channel conversations
    • Agent workspace
    • Help Center
    • AI & Chatbots
    • Analytics

Zendesk pricing

5- ServiceDesk Plus

Automate, customize, and prioritize tickets through this ticketing software that helps you accomplish everything you need to do to resolve the day-to-day IT tickets faster than ever.

Features include:

    • Customer portal
    • Templates
    • Support center
    • Incident Management
    • Analytics
    • Log Management
    • Asset Management
    • Project Management
    • Account management

Price is not shared publicly.

5 Document Automation & Management Software

1- Jotform PDF Editor

Jotform PDF Editor automatically turns collected form responses into professional, secure PDF documents that you can share with colleagues and customers.

Features include:

    • Drag and drop building
    • Customization
    • Templates
    • Electronic signature

Jotform pricing

2- HotDocs

This document generation tool slashes the time it takes to draft, assemble, and distribute new documents. HotDocs provides strong functionality to automate complicated and custom document templates.

Key features:

    • Version controls
    • Templates
    • Electronic signature
    • Document Management System
    • Content Management

Pricing is not shared in their website.

3- PandaDoc

This popular solution offers high-quality software at affordable pricing. You can create, manage, and e-sign documents through easy to use drag-and-drop features and read-to-use templates.

Other features include:

    • Real time access to approvals
    • Version tracking
    • Conditional logic
    • Electronic Signatures
    • Forms creation
    • No-Code

Pandadoc pricing

4- Templafy

It offers high levels of customization through their modular design feature — which means you can select the modules that tailor to your company’s needs.

Features include:

    • Document Branding
    • Automated document assembly
    • Automatic sharing and tracking
    • Templates
    • Email signature management
    • Content Management

Price is not shared publicly.

5- Gavel

It is a no-code solution that uses smart automation to help you build documents fast and share customized workflows externally.

It focuses on legal teams.

Features include:

    • Document automation
    • Logic and constraints
    • Automatic routing
    • Website embedding

Gavel pricing

5 Logistics Workflow Automation Software

1- ShipStation

It helps companies to connect with more carriers which allows companies to access the most convenient fees.

Features include:

    • Shipping Management
    • Discounted Postage
    • Automatic Tracking sharing
    • Email customization
    • SMS tracking updates
    • Branded returns

ShipStation pricing

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2- Extensiv

A technology platform that connects brands, warehouses, and 3PLs to create a seamless fulfillment workflow. It provides a suite of products with integrated warehouse, inventory, and order management systems.

Features include:

    • Warehouse Management
    • Order Management
    • Network Management
    • Demand forecasting

Prices are not shared via its website.

3- Fareeye

It’s an all-in-one low code/no code delivery logistics platform combines orchestration, real-time visibility, branded customer experiences, and business process management.

Features include:

    • Multichannel order placing
    • Order fulfillment
    • Shipment allocations
    • Order Tracking
    • ML-driven insights

Price is not shared online.


It’s a cloud-based platform that solves one of the most challenging puzzles for logistics services providers, shippers, and software providers: rapid integrations with thousands of digital logistics software platforms used by shippers, carriers, and software vendors.

Features include:

  • Freight booking management
    • Invoicing
    • Data centralization
    • Vessel tracking
    • Invoicing and payment automation
    • Bookings automation
    • PO management pricing

5- ShipBob

ShipBob is an end-to-end fulfillment provider. It helps businesses to determine optimal inventory placement across a growing fulfillment network to improve delivery speeds and reduce shipping costs.

Features include:

    • Retail drop shipping
    • 2 day express shipping
    • Inventory Management
    • Unboxing experience
    • Order customization
    • Reports & Analytics
    • Fulfillment automation
    • Real time stock levels

Price is not shared publicly via its website


Workflow automation platforms and BPM solutions both have similar goals: to streamline efficiency and help your company become as agile as possible.

However, the two approaches are different.

Workflow automation software helps automate repetitive tasks in specific areas of an organization.

BPM, on the other hand, looks at the more holistic goal of how to create automated workflows to streamline operations across your organization.

To find the best workflow automation software in 2023, it’s important to look for features and functionalities that support your organization’s unique needs.

Use an All-In-One No Code BPM solution to automate your business processes!