“Understanding ticketing system software solutions”

Do you remember the last time you called a customer service hotline to have an issue resolved, only to be put on hold for hours, transferred multiple times, and be left with no answers to your problem?

If you answered yes, which you probably did, then you’re already familiar with the importance of ticketing system software.

What is a Ticketing System Software?

According to HubSpot, a ticketing system is a customer service tool that helps companies manage their service and support cases.

The system or app creates a “ticket” that documents customer requests and interactions over time, making it easier for customer service reps to resolve issues.

The right desk ticketing systems will help you simplify interactions and requests between internal users, customers, and vendors by quickly creating, assigning, and monitoring support tickets from a single dashboard.

This is key if you want to provide the right customer experience.

» Fact: Did you know that resolving a single tech support case can cost anywhere between $2.93 and $49.69? And if you offer tiered IT support, you can expect the expense to triple every time an issue is escalated.

When to use a Ticketing System?

The golden rule is: When you have events, requests, cases or tickets that are not standard. This is, that they don’t follow the same process every time.

For example: the number of things customers may possibly ask about are countless. Therefore the process may be different each time.

If the process is different each time or is more a task than a process use a Ticketing System

On the other hand,

If the process repeats each time; this is, that can be standardized, use a Workflow Management Software.

When to use a Ticketing System? 1
When to use a Ticketing System? 2

There are other processes, however, for which you may choose to use a ticketing app, but is suggested to automate it with a workflow automation tool because you get more control over the process. Given that they are somewhat standard.

For example a purchase request and a new employee requisition may follow the same process every time.

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6 Use cases for your Ticketing System Software

The right ticketing system software will help streamline operations in multiple areas of your organization. Here are the top six:

1- Customer Support

You can use a ticketing management solution when a customer has a problem with a product or service, if there’s a product recall, when customer complaints inevitably happen, and when a customer requests information; etc.

» Having this type of service portal will help your customer service management team to access customer data and track real time.

The quicker you access information, the more relevant it will be, the quicker you’ll close service requests and happier will be your customers.

ticketing for customer support
ticketing for internal requests

2- Internal Requests

Just as your customer requests are important, so your internal requests deserve attention to detail. Ticketing systems are of great assistance for interdepartmental requests.

To mention a few: new employee requisitions, asset allocation, purchase requests, time-off requests, service requests, and more.

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3- Change Management

Another key element to successful companies is managing change efficiently.

Whether it’s the implementation of a new process, system upgrades, or rolling out new product features, ticket managing software is an excellent way to stay ahead of unpredictable bumps that may occur along the road.

TIP: How to use Standard Operating Procedures to mitigate risk and ensure processes run smoothly

ticketing for change management
ticketing for IT helpdesk

4- IT Helpdesk

The IT Helpdesk heavily relies on ticketing system software for IT support and IT requests such as: new devices or access to software, and the addition of new users into existing platforms. It’s particularly useful for tasks associated with incident management. etc.

As such a key player in your company’s operations, empowering the IT Helpdesk with the right ticketing solution will streamline activities and ensure employees have the control over the activities they perform.

5- Maintenance requests

For any type of maintenance requests. Whether you are receiving or giving the service. Whether you are working with internal support or with external vendors.

Requests can be prioritized based on urgency, time of request, or size. Ticketing software solutions often have dashboards that allow you to apply the filters you declare as important. 

This allows you to get a full view of all your maintenance requests and those of your team.

ticketing for maintenance management
incident support ticketing

6- Incident Support

The number of incidents that need to be managed in any company are countless. Having a process in place is key to make sure it is handled properly.

Be it that your system is down, or that an employee was injured, disaster recovery needs, and issues with production systems.

Whatever it is, you can use a ticketing system to share data, route requests, assign tasks, create reports (for example when a First Report of Injury FROI must be filed) and monitor evolution timely and effectively.

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Specific Use Cases for Ticketing Management

Ticketing Management for the Banking Industry

Banking is one of the industries that most benefits from ticket management solutions. Given that it is a customer-facing industry.

Ticketing system software helps to streamline processes associated with customer complaints resolution, credit card applications, loan and mortgage applications, and any other customer request.

It ensures the best possible customer service by providing customers with an easy way to submit their requests, route it to the department in charge and stay updated at any time.

Internally, ticketing management can support asset allocation, employee relocation, purchase requisitions, IT service requests, time-off requests, etc.

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Ticketing for Facility Management

Any company of a certain size will have to deal with maintaining the facility they are in. Be it with internal employees or external contractors.

You can use a ticketing system to create, route, track and monitor any type of maintenance ticket.

Some advanced systems will allow you to directly schedule maintenance appointments and will automatically create the ticket when the day is due.

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It’s particularly important for companies that provide these types of services to other companies or individuals. As these systems are the only way to keep track of all activities at any given time.

Ticketing for Marketing Agencies

Be it the work done internally and for which collaboration is needed or to handle customers requests. A ticketing system software can help Marketing agencies to do just so.

    • new work requests from customers,
    • follow ups,
    • feedback requests from other member teams,
    • getting updated information as to where in a project timeline your team stands,
    • understanding how many projects are currently open,
    • who is working on them,
    • expected time of delivery, and so much more.

There is so much work and tasks that you are currently handling via email and spreadsheets, but for which you need ticketing software.

Ticketing Management for Manufacturing

If you work in the manufacturing industry you will know that there are many moving parts to the process…

…from production problems to customer requests to material and product replacements. Incidents that need to be timely managed, insurance and third parties that need to be notified.

All of this can be easily streamlined through easy to use dashboards and case management features within a ticketing management solution.

You can also use these systems to manage certain tasks related to supplier and vendor processes.

However, if processes are standardized, a process automation solution is recommended instead.

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Top Ticketing System Software platforms to know in 2023

Even though you can easily find hundreds of ticketing systems, many of them are highly segmented to only one or two use cases. However, there are also more flexible systems that allow you to manage and track activities in a multitude of areas.

To help you navigate the ticketing system software world, we’ve compiled a list of the top three solutions you should know about.

Virtus Flow Ticketing Desk: Fully customizable ticketing system software.

This means that it allows to customize the way tickets are started, distributed, classified, stored, tracked, displayed, etc.

It allows you to add rules and conditions that may suit your process better than having rigid ticketing rules. Helping the user to fully tailor the process and better control it.

Additionally, the Virtus Flow platform offers a full no-code digital process automation module that supports requests and ticketing systems for other business processes. It also offers powerful third-party integrations, resulting in automation of the entire lifecycle of their operations.

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HubSpot’s Help Desk: It lets users log, organize, and keep track of customer issues. You can automate tickets to create a helpdesk, prioritize requests to resolve issues faster, create reporting dashboards to view tickets, employee productivity, team performance, time-to-close, etc.

JIRA Service Desk: It provides a ticketing solution for tracking, and notifications for both internal and external customers. From IT to HR to legal, Jira supports multiple uses and is easy to tailor for more specific needs.

How to choose the right Ticketing System Software?

By now you already know that there’s no such thing as a “one size fits” all solution when it comes to software. What will determine the right ticketing system software for your organization are your business needs, your goals, and available resources.

Main features to look for in a Ticketing System Solution:

      • Ticket automation
      • SLA status information
      • Cloud-based storage
      • Ticket tags
      • Customizable ticket templates
      • Customizable ticket status options
      • Product and inventory association
      • Personalized ticket pages by customer
      • Related tickets
      • Ticket deflection

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