Banking Process Automation

All-in-One automation solution for your banking processes. Automate banking processes in hours by using a simple and intuitive workflow automation platform for multiple LoBs and areas. Automate customer-facing and back-office processes without the need for coding. No IT skills are needed.

Improve operational efficiency and provide the customer experience that is expected. Automate banking processes end to end across the bank and eliminate data silos.

Financial Processes Automated

Client Services

Automate processes to provide your customer with a digital banking experience. Digital client onboarding, account opening & more.


Automate processes across different LOB, and connect them with end to end automation. Have a full picture of operations.


Manage security exceptions and issues with few clicks. Generate an automatic audit trail to simplify compliance later.

Lending Processes

Automate loan origination. Assign them to staff automatically. Send automatic status notifications and more.


Track every request and procedures with custom workflows. Generate automatic audit trails and reduce costs.

Facility Management

Manage your assets, schedule controls, and verification forms. Real-time reports to get better insights.

Documents & Data

Acquire data with VF Document Management solution. Upload your editable modules to save hours of work across different LOB.

Human Resources

Automate employee onboarding, requisition, training and more. Create dynamic forms, share them or publish them in minutes.

Information Technology

Digitize your request forms and approval processes, assign assets and easily manage documents and tasks.

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improve banking experience

Improve Banking Experience with Back-Office Automation

Improve your customer experience with back-office automation.

  • Connect front office and back-office processes
  • Send automatic notifications to customers
  • Automatically assign applications to staff members
  • Store and share information automatically
  • Automate customer complaint and requests


How it works?

We have created a No-Code digital process automation tool that allows anyone to automate their processes without coding. You can choose one of our templates and customize it or create yours from scratch. Apply rules and conditions, automatically trigger events, share documents, route work and more. Automatically create audit trails to simplify compliance.

Workflow Management

Our customers, specially those from the banking industry, have found it very helpful since it allows them to digitize their processes in a very short period of time. Without disrupting everyday operations.


Other Solutions for Financial Institutions

Ticketing Management

Manage customer requests, cases, IT service and more.


Dynamic Forms

Create, share and publish dynamic forms in minutes.


Wealth Management

Robo Advisor for wealth management automation.


“Designing forms is now a breeze. Virtus Flow lets us create online forms, integrate data from our existing legacy platform, and roll out a solution in a few hours when it used to take a few months.”


Stefano Oppi, COO - Cassa di Risparmio di Cento

Automation: the key for Digital Transformation

We’ve re-imagined the entire back-office experience to work without tedious and repetitive tasks. Even though everyone is talking about process automation, many banks have not done much with it due to technical complexity and management concerns.

With Virtus Flow, you can have a partner to drive your automation projects with our unique no-code architecture. Streamline your digital processes.

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Resources for your bank

Do you want to know more? Learn from our experts how to automate bank’s processes with the latest technologies. Banking Automation is the future of the financial industry, and recent events have sped up its adoption.

But there are many challenges while integrating new techniques or implementing innovative methods. To answer your questions, we created content to help you navigate Digital Transformation successfully.

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