Case Study

COVID-19 Relief Funds Application Automated in 36 Hours

Business situation

The Italian government implemented new measures to support businesses and citizens and utilized banks to process and distribute proceeds. The bank needed a way to receive applications and submit them fast.


The bank asked Virtus Flow to develop the complete solution to onboard and process new requests.
Time was sensitive and Virtus Flow Process Modeler was the perfect solution to the bank’s needs.


Rapid deployment within 36 hours vs one or more weeks with packaged solutions.
Online application and electronic document capture in one-step. Hundreds of applications were received and processed in a few weeks, no one missed request.


Financial Services


Banking (Lending Division)



From idea to POC in 24 hours

Time Saved
Manual Task Reduction


Applications Received

Have Questions?

Within 24 hours, Virtus Flow provided a working POC of the solution using VF Smart Form designer to capture the information required in the two applications, generate a formal request document, collect required documents, and overlay a web form so the customer could complete the required fields without the need of a physical presence.

The next day the bank reviewed the process, adding more approval steps and defining a dispatching rule to send the first verification to the customer’s assigned branch.

Automatic internal and external notifications were designed to keep everyone in the loop. Virtus Flow Process Manager was customized in a few minutes, adding specific data objects and status to create a complete dashboard of cases and the overall completion steps.

The Virtus Flow solution was now ready for production testing.

Meeting Unexpected Needs

The first application came in just a few minutes when Virtus Flow platform sent a notification email to customers. The number of requests increased at a volume that the bank didn’t expect. But no one got lost or delayed.

Virtus Flow delivered more than what expected. Not only the customers were able to submit online requests without going to the branch, they also received real-time notifications from the bank.

Instead of dedicating more resources to receive the applications, the bank was able to focus on the verification process; leaving Virtus Flow the dirty job of dispatching requests and reconciliating data.

Unleashing the power of no-code Digital Process Automation the bank reached a new level of streamlined workflows without the burden of mundane activities.

The next day the Virtus Flow solution went live for the first group of customers while the bank’s marketing department was adding dedicated links to the website.

Customers were invited to submit applications via Virtus Flow, getting the two applications from idea to production in less than 48 hours – including the time to publish a dedicated Cloud infrastructure.

– It was a huge win for the bank and its customers –

Automate your banking processes in days, not months!

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