Case Study

Automation of Compliance & Infosec Control Processes

The Private Bank division of one of our clients used the Virtus Flow platform to streamline mundane tasks for compliance and verification processes.

Formerly, they had to manually manage and dispatch exceptions coming from different departments and systems, which often lead to wasted man-hours and processing errors.

Business situation

Every year new regulations and internal verifications are absorbing more than 20% of the overall banking workforce. The Infosec department was spending almost 40% of its time on mundane tasks.


To support Compliance and Infosec departments with streamlined processes, Virtus Flow built a comprehensive solution to manage compliance alerts with centralized workflows and automatic dispatching services. Virtus Flow offered a platform to streamline processes with custom logic, conditions and rules.


Saved 30% of the time from repetitive tasks, reducing internal and external compliance burden from days to hours managing exception verifications and audits. Now they can rely on a single platform to manage service requests, controls, audit trails, and documents.


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The Challenge

Time Saved
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Every day the Infosec department spent almost 40% of its time verifying compliance exceptions and alerts. The manual process included the verification of more than 15 different data sources coming during the day, applying rules and macros to various spreadsheets to filter what was urgent and important.

The verification process included alert management, opening tickets with different departments and account representatives, emails back-and-forth, and so on.

IT Compliance and Security Managers needed to approve requisition forms via email in a PDF format, open Service Now request forms, and verify one-by-one manually.

The overall process was extensive and, despite the effort to automate some pieces with other tools and spreadsheets macros, it was extremely time-consuming.

Another problem was the long time it took between the alert received and the verification made.

Intuitive but Powerful Solution

In 2019 Virtus Flow implemented a streamlined compliance alert and exception verification process that combined automatic analysis of manual and automatic events using Virtus Flow Data-Mapper.

Once the platform received an exception that requested verification, an automatic dispatching notification was sent to the right user/department following a guided web form with different options.

Based on the selection, the system automatically opened a ticket with an account representative to provide shreds of evidence uploading documents to demonstrate the case.

Virtus Flow Digital Workflow Automation and BPM software
automation of infosec controls for private banking

A new dashboard was designed to accommodate Compliance and Infosec review processes and a set of automatic notification to track the status of open requests.

Virtus Flow streamlined the full process, including a robust backlog of everything that happened and who did what.

With this new system, Infosec and Compliance were finally aligned with the business. The audit generates automatic reports, including all the evidence gathered during the investigations of each case: no more delays, time wasted, and data error.

Automate your banking processes in days, not months!

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