Investment Banking automation

Clients looking for better and faster services have no trouble moving to different banks. Investment banks often failed in the digital transformation journey focusing mainly on front-end solutions. What happens behind the line is laborious, manual work that exhausts service teams. Your customers notice that. They appreciated having a close relationship with their bankers, but they also want smooth, personalized onboarding. Virtus Flow is designed to automate across silos, saving you time, energies, and, more important, helping your bank to provide a better service to your customers.

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Automate investment bank processes

Forget workflows. Think automation.

Banking Automation is the future of the financial industry, and recent events have sped up its adoption. But there are many challenges while integrating new technologies or implementing innovative methods. To answer your questions, we wrote this eBook, showing how other Investment Banks applied Digital Process Automation and RPA successfully.

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Robo-Advisor simplified.

Robo-Advisors are taking the place of some consulting services, that’s a reality. And they’re becoming smarter day after day. Providing a full gamification journey can be beneficial for both parties: customers are more engaged - having a chance to "see" before investing - and your team can save up to 70% of back-office tasks - like contract management, allocation requests, onboarding and reporting management.
We designed Virtus Flow Wealth to offer a new level of Robo-Advisor for enterprise investment banks. Request a DEMO today!


Compliance. Done.

Reduce compliance operations costs while meeting regulatory requirements with Virtus Flow. Simplify your Know your Customer (KYC) compliance process and reduce manual errors. With Digital Process Automation you can orchestrate different workflows tracking what is happening.

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Back-office processes

Human Resources



Information Technology


Asset Management

“Designing forms is now a breeze. Virtus Flow lets us create online forms, integrate data from our existing legacy platform, and roll out a solution in a few hours when it used to take a few months.”
Stefano Oppi, Cassa di Risparmio di Cento

streamline operations

Streamline your operations.

Banks’ processes can be categorized into three ideal states: fully automated, partially automated, and “lean manual”. Up to 85% of operations can be at least partially automated. The dream of achieving rapid, large-scale process automation is becoming a reality for some bank. Virtus Flow is engineered to support your bank in this process streamlining end-to-end your ops. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your bank!

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