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CaRi Cento Bank automates compliance and risk assessment controls in days

Business situation

The continuous increase of new regulations and controls was adding complexity to the bank that needed to find a better way to manage operational risk and compliance controls, getting rid of spreadsheets and emails.


The Bank decided to adopt Virtus Flow to create interactive web questionnaires to automate manual controls, previously handled with spreadsheets.
Virtus Flow offers a platform to streamline processes with custom logic, conditions and rules.


After the first few controls built together with the Partner, CaRi Cento was entirely autonomous for streamlining all the controls.
Now they can rely on a single platform to manage service requests, controls, audit trails, and documents.


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Controls without complexity

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CaRi Cento used different documents, spreadsheets, and manual tasks to track Project Risk and Control Assessment. It was extremely complex and time-consuming to keep everything on track without forgetting a control or the necessary pieces of evidence.

Within a few hours, Virtus Flow provided a working environment, automating the first group of controls by using the Smart/Dynamic Form module to acquire information, documents, and related requirements.

The users were now able to fill out a control report in a few minutes directly from their desktop or mobile device, thanks to the interactive Web Forms.

Automatic internal and external notifications were included to keep everyone in the loop, by using the logic and conditions from the Dynamic Form modeler these tasks were scheduled to be sent automatically, after certain actions were taken. Virtus Flow Process Manager was customized with the customer’s needs in a few minutes, adding specific data objects and status to create a complete dashboard with cases and the overall completion steps. A calendar view was also implemented to keep track of routine controls.

Through predefined workflow diagrams, an email is automatically sent to every user in charge of each specific activity. This automatic reminder can be planned and sent any given number of times as desired thanks to the calendar integration.

Intuitive but Powerful Solution

Virtus Flow is not limited to a simple Form Builder. It is a full Digital Process Automation platform that includes a Ticketing Management system, approval Workflow, a Process Designer with Rules and Conditions, and a Document Management system.

A Data Mapper module completes the platform giving the ability to connect with external sources (Database, Public and Private API, Queuing Systems).

Instead of dedicating more resources to manage controls and compliance operations, Cassa di Risparmio di Cento focused on the processes and simplifying work. Which cannot be achieved by simply adding new employees. Now they use Virtus Flow to automatically dispatch requests, route work and handle Audit Trails.

Virtus Flow Digital Workflow Automation and BPM software

By unleashing the power of no-code Digital Process Automation the bank reached a new level of streamlined workflows and work organization, without the burden of mundane activities, tracking documents lost in the email trail, writing countless emails to update others, ask for information, documentation, or risking to add human errors from continuously modifying spreadsheets by multiple users.

A Data Mapper module completes the platform giving the ability to connect with external sources (Database, Public and Private API, Queuing Systems).

Automate your banking processes in days!  ... Not Months.

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About Virtus Flow

Virtus Flow is a No Code Digital Process Automation platform designed to streamline end-to-end processes. With customers across the globe, Virtus Flow is a fast-growing company focused on Financial Industry digitization. The platform helps banks and businesses to accelerate their digital transformation journey by quickly and easily managing, automating and optimizing business processes.