“Understanding Process Automation Software by business need”

We often talk with clients about cutting through the weeds of time consuming manual processes so they can focus on how to better run their business.

It’s easy to believe that only multimillion organizations face this challenge.

But in reality, that’s not the case, as companies of all sizes can benefit and need process automation to improve efficiency in their day to day.

Let’s see how.

But first, let’s define key concepts that are usually interchanged but do not necessarily mean the same.

Key Process Automation Concepts

Business Process Automation (BPA)

Business Process Automation is the use of technology to streamline or optimize your business processes.

Process Automation Software

It’s is the technology that allows you to refine, digitize and automate your business processes.

These solutions help you to manage tasks and full processes completely or partially digitally.

One of their main goals is to eliminate the need for human intervention allowing employees to invest saved time in more crucial activities.

Custom no code workflow automation

Use Virtus Flow Process Automation system to:

  • automate any business process without coding
  • orchestrate all your processes under a single umbrella
  • track all your work from a single dashboard

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Business Process Management (BPM)

Business Process Management is the discovery, mapping, analysis, measurement, improvement and automation of business processes.

Learn more about how to use BPMs here.

Digital Process Automation (DPA)

Digital Process Automation is the process of streamlining workflows, manual tasks and information management by turning your processes into digital ones.

It’s the newest BPM generation that unifies different technologies to automate business processes end to end.

This is an in depth analysis of DPA technology use if you want to learn further.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation is the use of software robots to automate tasks and processes in full autonomy.

It is best used for handling repetitive tasks at a high volume, to increase output and decrease the busywork.

When should you use DPA Software?

It’s best used when you want to automate processes where a degree of human intervention is needed; for example for decision making.

For example:

    • Employee Onboarding
    • Claim Resolution
    • Purchase Requisition
    • Vendor Due Diligence

Example: How to automate an Employee Onboarding process with a No Code DPA platform

This approach serves as an umbrella to streamline workflows, increase transparency, speed up operations and reduce the time employees spend on mundane tasks.

DPA platforms reduce the need for in person requests, emails, phone calls, back-and-forth between departments, etc.

Learn how to automate your workflows with a 30 minutes hands on the job training!

When should you use RPA Software?

RPA is used to automate processes where humans are used but which intervention is not necessarily needed.

For example:

    • Data reconciliation 
    • Data entry from one system to another
    • Customer support 

18 Process Automation Solutions to look into

We’ve divided top providers into two main categories: horizontal solutions that can be used by the entire organization, and vertical or niche oriented solutions that better fit a particular department.

Let’s start with horizontal solutions.

For this category, it’s important to know that these are horizontal process automation solutions, which means they allow you to automate any business process.

You get to declare the business rules and conditions and design your process following the conditions that suit your particular process.

This can happen through drag and drop, or a multitude of features to make it easier when automating processes.

Top systems in this space are:

 Virtus Flow: A No Code Digital Process Automation solution with which you can automate any business process and connect them for an end to end automation.

Virtus Flow workflow automation software

Automate your workflows in minutes:

  • use our templates or create from scratch
  • run processes with a click
  • integrate with third party apps in no time

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Bizagi: A Low Code platform that allows you to create your own enterprise applications


Decisions: A No Code visual design environment that enables IT and business people alike to automate any process.


Now let’s explore solutions based on business needs.

Process Automation Solutions by business need

Shipping Automation Solutions

ShipStation: Lets you import shipping orders, manage shipping, print postage and update tracking in a simple way.

We are proud resellers of ShipStation:

  • automate your ecommerce workflows
  • connect to ShipStation without hassle
  • manage everything from a single platform

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Sendcloud: This shipping automation platform that allows users to easily connect to over 80 carriers.

Easyship: A cloud based shipping solution with a main focus on customer design

Contract Automation and Management Solutions

DocuSign: Offers cloud based contract collaboration with a robust, well known brand. As well as identity verification and secure electronic signatures.

Docusign and Virtus Flow integration

Adobe Acrobat Sign: Microsoft’s preferred esignature solution and the only esign tool that also includes the power of Adobe Acrobat in one package.

Signeasy: Flexible workflows, reusable templates, and easy to use features for automated contract management.

Human Resources Process Automation Solutions

Bamboo HR: This automation platform was particularly built for HR as it offers an all-in-one software.

Gusto: It helps you to run your payroll, onboard employees, manage employee benefits and track time.

Paycom: Employee driven for talent acquisition, talent management, payroll, labor management and more

Vendor Management Automation Platforms

VNDLY: Workday’s cloud-based vendor management system (VMS).

Gatekeeper: Ideal for large companies looking to automate workflows like contract renewals.

Precoro: Ideal for SMBs, helps streamline the procurement process.

Workflow library virtus flow

End to end automation of your business processes:

    • Human Resources
    • Vendor Management
    • Document Automation
    • Customer Facing & Back-Office
    • Finance & Procurement
    • IT and more…

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Payment Automation Solutions

AvidXChange: This is a popular accounts payable software that helps companies increase visibility and take control of their AP process.

FreshBooks: Invoice and accounting automated software for business owners and accountants.

Coupa: Lets you manage all your transactions across procurement, payments, and supply chain

Start automating your processes today!