Supplier Agreement Process Template

This process streamlines the agreement process between a company and suppliers.

It simplifies the review, confirmation and agreement generation and sharing between the involved parts.

Supplier Agreement Template

This process includes:

      • Supplier data, deal, products, amounts and other details confirmation
      • Supplier agreement generation and signature
      • Signed agreement distribution
supplier agreement workflow

Process description

Vendor department fills in the supplier agreement form with details about specific order and supplier

Supplier receives notification with request to verify and edit order specifics

The supplier agreement is automatically generated after supplier submits and signs

The vendor department receives the agreement and reviews the data and signs

Both supplier and vendor receives final version with signature from both parties.

In addition, further steps can be added to classify and store the agreement and start following steps and processes in automatic.

Use this template as is or customize it to meet your process needs! You can add as many steps, conditions, notifications, approvals as needed.

Want to customize this template?