Onboarding Process Template

Streamlines the contact between the new employee and the company. Includes coordination between departments.

Employee onboarding process template

This template allows the HR department to share important information with the new employee and to this last one to share personal information that the organization needs from him/her before day 1. Includes:

    • position, 
    • benefits,
    • assigned assets,
    • PTO,
    • salary, 
    • automatic generation of the contract, etc.

Employee Onboarding Workflow

Process description

To begin, the HR department will choose if new employee information needs to be added or not.

The next step is to generate and send their welcome plan, employee contract, and NDA.

The employee will sign and return their documents for HR to review.

In the meantime, HR will prepare their employee requirements.

As HR receives the signed documents, they will send the rest of the onboarding forms needed in their state, W-4 or W-9, I-9, State Tax Withholding form, and banking or direct deposit information.

(The employee will be asked for the information and then can generate a PDF to print, sign, and upload)

HR will review these documents and grant IT Access, as well as space in the office, and whatever devices will be needed.

Other departments will automatically receive notifications with these requests.

Once their space is ready, a start and end date will be scheduled to allow for the proper training and onboarding experience.

All Information will be saved in the company record and can be saved as a PDF by the new employee for their personal records.

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