PTO Request Form Template

This process is an employee time off request form template. It allows HR to approve or deny requests for time off and automate related communications.

employee time off request form template

This template can be quickly customized to meet particular process needs. It can be part of the workflow library employees have access to inside Virtus Flow or can be used as an external page. This template can be customized to:

    • vacation requests,
    • unpaid leave,
    • sick leave,
    • medical leave,
    • maternity leave, etc.

PTO Request Form and Vacation Request workflow

Process description

Employees submit requests for time-off and choose request date, total number of days, and specify the details of the request.

As much information as needed by your HR department can be included.

The supervisor then approves or denies the requests.

If the time is approved, notifications are sent to the employee and their calendar is updated to display the time off.

If denied, the employee is notified of the rejection.

Please note: you can get as creative as you need with notifications, approval steps, conditions, etc. For example: you may want to send automatic notifications to the team to let others know a certain employee is taking time off once it has been approved. This may help the rest of the team make timely requests before that day comes.

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