Order Management Process Template

This template allows you to automate a Request for Proposal process, follow ups, information sharing and approvals.

Order Management Process template

The RFP process can be long and intricate, mainly if dealing with large number of vendors or when requirements are very specific.

This process helps you to simplify its management by using automated workflows.

This workflow includes:

    • RFP distribution
    • Supplier information and document submission
    • Approval and follow up
Order Management workflow

Process description

Company adds vendor information, required items and specifications.

Supplier receives request to provide proposal and specifications about items requested, time of delivery, availability, certifications, etc.

The vendor department receives form with all requested information and can approve or deny depending on input (alternatively a comparison could be made between all invited suppliers)

The supplier receives an automatic notification about status of his proposal.

If accepted the Purchase Order origination process will start automatically.

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