Employee Evaluation Template

This template allows HR managers to automate the annual performance review process. It allows both managers and employees to measure job performance. 

Employee Evaluation Template

Employee performance reviews can be challenging to coordinate. This process allows for a self-examination by the employee and performance evaluation forms to be filled out by the manager, along with any extra notes that need to be added.

An interview will be held and at the end of the meeting, the manager will provide feedback on anything that needs to be taken care of moving forward.  Any continuing issues with the employee’s work will be sent to HR for review.

Employee Evaluation Process Template

Process description

Manager chooses and add the employee to evaluate from database and chooses a date and time for the interview.

The employee receives notification to fill out evaluation form.

The manager reviews the information provided and completes their own evaluation of the employee.

After the interview is held the manager adds their final notes and the form is sent to HR

HR receives a copy of the evaluation and address any further needs.

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