Work Expense Reimbursement Request Template

This Expense Reimbursement process allows employees to inform their employer of expenses incurred for company business.

This also allows management to clearly view the expenses in an organized way and approve or deny reimbursement of the charges.

Work Expense Reimbursement

When expenses are incurred for company business, management needs an organized straightforward way to view it.

The process begins with the employee filling out the information for a specific purchase. They will include the item information as well as the purpose for purchase.

The dates and receipts or other documentation are added and submitted. Documentation is provided, and the total cost is below a certain limit, the amount is automatically reimbursed.

If above the limit, management will then review the amount and determine if it should be approved. If the amount is above the approved limit, it will need to be approved by a director.

When approved, all expenses will be sent to the finance department for reimbursement.

Expense Reimbursement workflow

Process description

Work related expense reimbursement request form is digitally filled by employee. Includes item and reason of purchase. All receipts are attached to the form.

If amount is below a predefined set amount is automatically approved. Request for reimbursement is automatically sent to finance department and notification sent to employee.

If above the limit, the request is sent to the manager in charge. If above fiscal limit the request is directed to superior for review.

Once approved (by any of the involved users) a notification with all information is sent to the Finance department to process reimbursement.

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