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We designed standard workflows, forms and connectors to help you streamline your business. Every month we release new templates based on your requests. Get ready in minutes with our complimentary onboarding session designed for your needs.

Workflow Library

Solutions designed for your business

With pre-built templates and forms we cover a wide variety of use cases across different departments.
Copy a template, customize it, release on production. Is the easiest game!

Human Resources

Employee onboarding and offboarding, document management, self-credentialing forms, PTO requests, and more.

Project Management

Project requests, document management, repetitive tasks, recurrent scheduling, issue tracking.

IT Security

Manage exceptions and compliance review, audit trail reports, ticketing management and more.


Claim management, request management, approval order, vendor verification, document review, audit trails.

Customer Success

Customer onboarding, customer inquiry management, service requests, and contract renewals.


Order request and verification, vendor credentialing, payment processes, loan, and financial product acceptance and others

Sales and Marketing

Onboarding processes, Sales questionnaire, marketing surveys, customer information and forms.


R&D Request, Quality control forms, strategy survey, issue management, recurrent tasks and more.

Information Technology

IT service requests, change management, asset management, access requests, exceptions control and more.

Facility Management

Request forms, asset maintenance, checklist control, suppliers verification, time reports and more.

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Alice Dazzan, Workteam


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