Case management involves gathering, recording, monitoring, analyzing, storing, and following up on a business-related matter. It can be a claim, a traffic citation litigation, an investigation, an IT service request, etc. A Case Management Automation Software guides you through the entire process and automates related tasks and activities. It also gives space for human involvement in those decisions that are not automatable. With case management automation software you can establish the workflow that works for the type of case you handle. After that, the system will guide you through it.

Regardless of the industry, the end-goal of implementing a case management solution is always the same. Managers want to improve knowledge-driven work as much as they can. As well as to optimize processes to reduce cost and processing times while offering a standardized service.

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Common Problems That an Automated Case Management Solution Solves

Unlike business process automation, case management platforms are designed to deal with processes that can not be 100% automated. The main reason could be that each time unique work may be needed according to each specific case. The unforeseeable nature of certain requests gives space for the use of this case management solution. While taking advantage of automation to get rid of defined and repetitive tasks.

Take for instance the field of Information Security. When a bank notices what looks like a fraudulent login attempt, it can automatically start the verification process. If you know the steps in advance, then you can automate them. However other steps are not standard and you will need case management automation software to handle them. This kind of automation software can leverage existing knowledge about what a valid transaction should look like, and quickly spot a fraudulent one.

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Processing service requests might be the main area where organizations are using case management automation tools. It can be difficult to predict when service requests come in. In the same way, it could be hard to fully know in advance what kind of assistance an individual consumer will need. Other companies are using this technology to automate contract requests and employee onboarding workflows.

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Repetitive requests, such as password recovery have been successfully automated in countless organizations. This serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the case management solutions.

In many cases, case management software will take care of higher-level processes that require escalation. In this case, the software can ultimately route requests to the right personnel who are equipped to deal with the job when they run into something like this. Automotive insurance providers are using this technique to reduce the amount of time it takes for individual claims to get settled.

Strategic Software Solutions For Common Case Management Tasks

Task and activity management is a field for which daily needs may be difficult to predict. Daily tasks change on a constant basis. Automated case management solutions can deal with task assignment, which leaves human staffers free to deal with more complex issues.

Deploying a customized knowledge worker interface is a great way to ensure that your staffers have the information they need to do their job. Too much data can cause information overload, so automated case management solutions can limit the scope to present exactly and only the information staffers need.

Content management is a tricky field to automate because individuals can often tell the difference between content assembled by human beings and that which is made by computers. However, digital content management tools can still automate the process of posting and formatting content even if firms prefer to have the actual creation process handled by their human workforce.

Business rules and workflow management has long been the traditional purview of automation software. When individual workflows become too complex or unpredictable, case management software can help with these. Firms that are looking to automate this kind of work might also be interested in the following fields:

Visibility & Reporting: Case management software can ensure that everyone on a team is aware of current conditions and views all relevant reports to keep them abreast of the situation.

1- Facilities Project Management: Controlling a project over an entire organization can be difficult, but case management solutions can make the task somewhat easier by tracking incidents as they occur. They can even work with an existing project template.

2- Compliance Tracking: Complying with internal best practices or external laws and regulations is often a challenge. Case management apps will check individual contracts and agreements for any text that might fall afoul of these rules.

3- Vendor & Contract Management: Advanced customer relationship management tools will add each vendor you work with as you contact them. You can automate the process of communicating with them and even agreeing on contracts. Case management apps will agree to terms only if they meet certain rules that the organization established.

4- HR Onboarding: When employees come into the organization, their company’s HR case management app can take care of the onboarding process. It can connect all involved departments and orchestrate work around it.

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