Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) seeks to harness disruptive technologies in order to reduce costs and work that needs to be done. IPA is undergoing changes, with technologies such as DPA (Digital Process Automation) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) becoming more available for business process improvement. It is changing the way business and people work forever.

What Is Intelligent Process Automation?

IPA is the application of artificial intelligence and other technologies such as DPA, RPA and machine learning to perfect and structure existing business processes. Intelligent Process Automation allows for software to reproduce interactions and connections between systems and people, automate structured tasks, and even make decisions based on predefined parameters. This reduces the need for training and human involvement to handle repetitive and mundane activities.

Historically, we have used process automation to handle repetitive labor-intensive processes. Business Process Automation, for example, has focused on streamlining processes and the way we work. Now, new technologies are more cognitive and try to anticipate human emotions, mimicking appropriate behavior for internal users and external ones. This means that with IPA an application can reproduce human intelligence to make better decisions and even reduce the number of errors.

The correct deployment of Intelligent Process Automation software provides organizations with a powerful toolkit to handle business operations with unheard levels of transparency, efficiency, and responsiveness. This level of precision and responsiveness was previously impossible.

Benefits of IPA

Demands in the workplace require a quick and efficient overhaul of your business without causing too much disruption. Modern automation solutions can review what happens in legacy systems and adapt them accordingly. This is especially important in hospitals, in order to assist doctors with medical charts and patients data, or in situations where a machine needs to decide how to react to a specific situation like in autonomous driving applications.

You also minimize the risk of errors and simplify compliance with predefined processes and regulations. It is normal for people to make mistakes or take shortcuts, that does not necessarily make the process simpler and faster. However, when using IPA, you predefine the best and shortest route, while making sure compliance regulations are respected.

Increased data security is another benefit. Thanks to machine learning, different software can detect patterns of behavior when humans interact with their systems. From this pattern, some can create entire digital profiles of the person in question. They can note if an unauthorized user or a questionable customer is using the business when analyzing this profile.

Time savings are one of the most important benefits. RPA for example is meant to take on your repetitive tasks, while DPA handles the orchestration of processes to run your businesses. This means that your internal users can save time and focus on helping your customers or completing other most relevant tasks. You free up employees from tedious, repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on more strategic assignments.

With IPA, you can change processes quickly as you identify areas of improvement. This is called end-to-end visibility, where managers can see a process from start to finish and analyze it. When you adopt an IPA technology, it becomes easier to handle tasks and ensure that you can arrange them more easily. You can also improve your customer journey this way.

How To Choose The Right IPA For Your Business

The first step to implementing Intelligent Process Automation is to identify your business needs. No single technology or toolkit is going to provide a solution for every organization, even if you service the same customers. Determine what problems you need to solve in the long and short run.

For example, many medical facilities now use electronic medical records (EMRs) rather than having doctors use paper charts. Regardless, doctors still have to keep these records updated and accessible. When using IPA software, the data can be updated in real-time as soon as a doctor records them and can be automatically added to the system, accessible to any other user that may need that information even simultaneously.

Other things to consider:

  • Integrations
    In a busy world you don’t have time to be exporting and importing data manually; besides that is exactly why you should be looking to avoid when adopting automation. Ideally, the solution you go with would integrate with basic tools like Excel, Office365, Jira, or any other software you may be using. (Remember: in order to benefit the most from automation, you may want to look for end-to-end process automation and integration is key)
  • Customization
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have “out of the box” solutions instead of having to spend time sending emails back and forth? The right tool will let you automate your requests and forms in minutes without the support of your IT team.
  • Benefits for your team
    Employee satisfaction is one of the main priorities for today’s organizations. Ensure the interface is easy to use and intuitive. A short learning curve could facilitate easier and faster adoption and ROI.
  • Support you will get
    Spending hours on the phone trying to get ahold of a customer representative is most likely something you want to avoid. This is the time to ask these questions! 
  • Budget
    One of the benefits of cloud-based platforms is that you don’t have to spend money on storage or even lose potential profit due to downtime. Instead, look for a tool that offers affordable solutions that accommodate your budget. Do not be shy, there is a tool for every pocket.

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