Accelerate business outcomes

Smart Design

We reproduced our brain way of thinking when trying to solve a problem designing a visual modeler to make it easy to create a workflow.

100% Responsive

Forget about old client-based applications. Virtus Flow is 100% Web and responsive to reduce the impact of enterprise deployments - SSO included.

Logic and Conditions

Start a workflow based on a specific condition or add business logic to dynamically route work to different people based on rules.


A real no-coding application means that you don’t need to be a developer to build your workflows or applications. Drag and drop features will guide you to achieve results faster.

Document Management

Virtus Flow integrates a Document Management module with versioning, mentions and other social connectors. Integrations with third-party apps are available.

Real-time trail

A real-time status and audit information for every step and action is logged and easily exported for audit trails. You don’t need to waste time searching who has done what.

“We love Virtus Flow because is the easiest solution to automate our business processes. We saved more than 50% of our repetitive processes and we increased our customer satisfaction providing external access to forms and workflows to our customers. Most of all, their responsive support offers peace of mind.”


Alice Dazzan, Workteam


With the most intuitive visual design, you can create sophisticated processes in minutes, not months or years. Drag-and-drop elements, add actions and conditions and test it.



Connect external data sources or create custom ones with our Mapping tool. Native applications integrated for you like: Ticketing Management System, Project Management, Task Automation, and Document Management that you can use out-of-the-box.



Virtus Flow is the best investment for enterprise-class workflow automation with the quickest ROI. Move from design to production with a click and start to monitor insights to identify bottlenecks. Your Digital Transformation journey will be easier than you think!


Approval Steps

Orchestrate processes across users, departments and offices with automatic rules.

Advanced Workflows

Create advanced workflows that include parallel paths, deadlines, looping and automatic actions.

Rules and Logic

Rules editor is a native feature to simplify your business logic during workflow creation and maintenance. Even complex rules can be added without code.


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