“And the online form builder features you should look for in 2021”

As companies grow and evolve, finding tools that make accomplishing tasks easier, without the need of a full team is key. This stands true for online form builder software solutions, which empower teams by giving them the ability to form and create templates, forms, surveys, questionnaires, and others. Here’s what you need to know about online form building solutions in 2021.

What is an Online Form Builder ?

An online form builder is a software that allows to create interactive or smart web forms in a few simple steps. They are flexible tools capable of creating many types of fillable dynamic forms. These include applications, claims, requests, surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, etc.

These forms can be directly shared or embedded on web pages where users can quickly fill and submit them. Data is gathered and stored within the application itself according to the rules you pre define.

Interactive Form created with Virtus Flow

Why and When should you use it?

Form builder applications allow you to create customized form templates to gather data from prospects, customers, and even employees. In addition, building forms apps often save your results and allow you to access them on a dashboard. As well as to automatically send alerts when you receive new responses and requests.

This, and some other key features that we’ll discuss later, make online form builder software a great way to free up executives’ time. They free your team from time consuming data collection and help you focus on analysis and processing.

» It makes it the perfect solution for teams with limited resources or heavy amounts of manual tasks. Those with an increasing amount of project, who is growing fast and want to digitize their processes.

How to create an Online Form without coding

When you’re able to create easy to use, intuitive forms, you provide customers, prospects and employees a better user experience. Your team obtains detailed analytics and is free from heavy, prone to error, very manual data entry.

7 Uses of an Online Form Builder Software

Companies use interactive forms for a good number of purposes. These can be contact form, registration forms, to collect information from potential customers, vendors, employees, etc. To name a few, online form builder apps are especially useful for:

1- Customer Onboarding Process

You’ve heard us talk about the importance of the onboarding process and why this step ensures seamless, stronger relationships with your customers. But, why not take it a step further and automate data gathering with an online form builder?

By using form building apps, you can gather data about the users who will be joining your training sessions. Such as information on their goals, and even feedback on how you’re doing. As long as you use the data to make informed decisions, you’re likely on the right track!

2- Customer Experience Survey

After the customer onboarding process is final, it’s important to continuously check on your customers to ensure they’re satisfied with your product or service. If you’re trying to find out what your Net Promoter Score is, look no further than a form building software. It will help you reach your customers and analyze actionable data.

3- Off-boarding Process and Exit interviews

Employee off-boarding is another key where the use of interactive forms can save you a great deal of time. When gathering insights with dynamic forms, you can automatically store information and revisit later to understand about possible common denominators. With the right tool, you can even automate notifications for this.

4- Hiring Process and Human Resources Efforts

Much like the customer onboarding process, onboarding new hires is also vital to your company’s success. Online form builders are the perfect tools to easily customize forms, gather information and feedback from your new hires. They allow you to provide a seamless hiring and onboarding process while saving important resources.

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5- Market Research

Online form builder software solutions are also an ideal way to build unique forms, polls and quizzes. Helping you to gather insights on what your target audience is looking for and how your solutions could support their needs. In the banking industry, for instance, companies gather data on the key aspects young adults look for when opening a bank account.

6- Accepting Payments Online

You should look for a platform that offers you control over what you want to ask your user. Allowing you to customize the forms accordingly. For e-commerce for example, accepting payments online facilitates processes and gives customers a more seamless experience.

7- Customer Claims and Applications

Form building software is also great to streamline customer claims and applications processes. They let you add forms on your website and even develop workflows based on an “if this, then that” conditional logic.

Great examples for claims and applications acquisition through forms are the legal, insurance and healthcare fields. Executives can help clients and customers to quickly submit their requests in a smoothly trouble-free way. While they are automatically routed to the right team behind the scene.

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Features of the Best Online Form Builder Software

Because of the many uses of form building software, there are a multitude of available plug-ins and applications to search from. To help you narrow it down, here are the main features you should be looking for in your form building solution:

  • No code apps, which allows anyone to create forms without the need of IT skills
  • Drag and drop functionalities for you to easily build unique forms
  • Integrations with your CRM, marketing tools and other apps
  • Intuitive dashboards where you can easily view and analyze form responses
  • Unique design that aligns with your brand’s look and feel

Why to waste time and money when you can quickly automate external and internal user requests, applications, claims and more in a budget?

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