Fast Onboarding

Onboarding new talent typically means piles of paperwork and time lost. After you’ve landed that perfect candidate, get them processed and up to speed with automated forms, approvals, equipment, accounts, software licenses and more. Fast-track onboarding—across departments—to help your new employee settle in and get to work—seamlessly.

Client onboarding

Collaborate across departments

Automate those repetitive on/offboarding tasks—across departments—and dynamically trigger each following step downstream. Replace paper documents with digital processes that automatically capture appropriate permissions, and archive them when the time is right.

Smart Forms

You don’t need IT skills to create, publish and distribute your forms. Share your workflows with other departments. Simple or complex there is no form that you can’t design.

Fill out documents

Save hours with our document automation. Share links and modules internally or externally to simplify your HR operations without losing control of the process.

dynamic forms

“Designing forms is now a breeze. Virtus Flow lets us create online forms, integrate data from our existing legacy platform, and roll out a solution in a few hours when it used to take a few months.”
 Stefano Oppi, COO Cassa di Risparmio di Cento

Why you need Automation?

Automation is essential for every business and department, HR benefits particularly because:
- Employees feel 18X times more committed a company with fast onboarding
- Onboarding costs can add up to $4,000
- Only 29% of Employees who had a bad onboarding felt satisfied with HR


Automate your HR processes in minutes

Integrated with your LOB

Virtus Flow connects your forms with your lines of business so you don’t need to worry to keep it updated when roles change or new users are added.

Advanced Logic

Forms builder allows you to apply pre-set or custom business rules to your forms based on user input. Be sure that every information will be collected with no delay or mistakes.

Improved User Experience

Save time and money with our no-code design environment allows you to build interfaces that can capture or display any type of information.


Build interfaces once and use them across one or more processes. If something needs to change, update it once and all your applications will immediately use the new version.

Clone, Update, Publish

Clone your production form and edit to create a new version. Test and Publish to Production. No IT needed.

Any device, anywhere

Interactions with your users and customers have no boundaries of location or device. Virtus Flow Forms are fully responsive and you can start to save time right away.

Ready to see how Virtus Flow can benefit your business?

Try our user-friendly tools for free for 30 days. Or, one of our experts can give you a guided demo online. We include also a complimentary onboarding session to help you to succeed with your new Digital Process Automation platform.

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