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Intuitive, easy and powerful

One-shop-application to simplify your work and get things done without losing a deadline.

Losing time between emails and tools?

Virtus Flow has what you need

No more hassle

No coding platform

Instead of spending time to send emails back and forth you can automate your requests and forms in minutes without the support of your IT team.

Collaboration first

Run processes as collaborative workflows

Quickly create and assign tasks and workflows to your team. Track activity from the Dashboard and get notified when tasks are done.

A real support

Pick a template

There’s a template out there for every use case.
Start with the one that best fits you. This is just a starting point, you can customize it to fit your exact workflow and needs. Use as many templates as you’d like to address all your different workflows.

Never miss a deadline

Organize your team's work with interactive boards

Choose how to visualize your tasks and activities when you execute your workflows.

We play well with some friends

Discover Virtus Flow User Cases

Customer Onboarding

Simplify your customers onboarding with our out-of-the-box templates and Customer Portal.

Case Management

Reduce up to 90% of time spent for your communications leveraging Virtus Flow automation engine.

HR Processes

Onboard and offboard new employee customizing one of our templates.

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