Automated procurement processes

Streamline suppliers management from sourcing to tracking with a seamless end-to-end process. Manage purchase order requests, approval steps, documents, and digital forms with a single platform. Simplify the entire supply chain process reducing tedious activities.

Technologies used: Digital WorkflowIntelligent Forms | Document Management | Process Automation | Integrations



Map out processes and remove unnecessary, repetitious steps that slow everything down.


No-code process automation to get you in front of competition without the need of IT.


Accelerate time-to-completion with automatic steps in processes that instantly progress on their own.

Optimize supplier operations

Stop wasting time with back and forth communications with your suppliers. Manage documents, orders, and messages publishing Supplier Portals designed for you with Digital Forms and Dynamic workflows. Optimize supplier operations to cut costs and work better.

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Vendor Management? A breeze!

Vendor Management

Credential, onboard, manage and maintain all your vendors and suppliers in an easy-to-use, efficient platform.

Purchase Requisitions

Dynamic forms help you capture, approve, and keep track of purchase requests. End-to-end automation.

Purchase Orders

Manage POs and approval steps, from origination to completion, design your workflows in minutes with our no-code platform.


Import and export data using Virtus Flow Data Mapper and Open APIs, pull data from other sources with a click.

Document Management

Organize your documents: sales quotes, orders, POs, invoices all in one. Track due dates and notify users automatically.

Credentialing Processes

Customize your credentialing workflow and due diligence to be compliant with the latest regulations.

Give your procurement a booster.

Centralize your processes, documents and approval step in an all-in-one platform that can connect with your Apps to saving you from repetitive tasks and tons of emails. Forget about spreadsheets. Virtus Flow can centralize document acquisition, purchase requisition forms and online vendor management.


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