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Workflow Automation.

Our no-code vision helps you to achieve the fastest results without sacrificing performance or scalability. Build your workflow in less than 5 minutes.

Smart Design

Actions, Logic, Conditions

Conneted with LOB

Orchestrate automation

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Intelligent Forms.

With Virtus Flow Forms you can easily design dynamic, feature-rich forms to capture accurate data whenever you are. Create multiple forms with advanced business logic and automation to simplify your business.

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Out-of-the-box Apps.

We designed awesome applications for you. They’re ready to use, and you can customize them with your specific needs. Choose between: Project Management, Task Organizer, LOB Organization Chart, Ticketing Management, Asset Management, and many others.

Open API

Swagger Open API support your business integrating easily with the rest of your environment.

Break Down Silos

Ready to use connetors like: SAP R3, Azure AD, SQL, noSQL, MQ, spreadsheets, TXT files and many others.


HTTPS, SSL/TLS, OAuth. Manage user’s roles and privileges to keep your data secure. Built-in audit trail.


Every template is designed to simplify your business. You can do it on your own or we can support you with our Professional Services.

50+ Templates

We designed a template for every business department and industry. Schedule a call with us to see how you can get ready in minutes.

Copy, Edit, Play

You can start using Virtus Flow's templates in less than 15 minutes! See how we can help you to streamline your business.

Tips from our Blog

Your team is most productive when using smart workflows and forms to automate daily tasks. Get tips and apps to hack your business following our blog!

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