Virtus Flow releases a new version of its process automation platform to help companies to remain competitive in the new Post-COVID era.

MIAMI – June 19, 2020 – Virtus Flow will exhibit at  Collision from Home, Jun. 23-25. Collision is North America’s largest tech event. For the first time in this new version from home, it expects to attract over 30,000+ attendees from all over the world. 

As the coronavirus pandemic is challenging businesses across the world, the is a need to reshape the “how” and “what” of digital transformation projects. Virtus Flow released a new version of its platform to streamline processes quickly and remain competitive in this new market. For many, coronavirus is the latest driver for future success. Many companies are losing revenue and dealing with new challenges like working from home, growing digital divide, and pressure from stakeholders.

To keep up with everything, both enterprises and SMBs need to change the way they work, not in months or years but days or weeks. Virtus Flow provides coding-free software to assist this disruptive change in a fast and reliable way.

On June 20, 2019, Accenture reported that only 12% of banks globally are fully committed to digital transformation; other industries and smaller businesses are even further.

“In a couple of months – says Lauren Rosales, COO of Virtus Flow – we have seen changes that we never imagined. For example, banks and large organizations that were previously reluctant to do business remotely, called us to digitize their workflows and help them to continue offering their services now fully remotely.” 

With a new global recession affecting almost every industry, intelligent automation is the critical element to succeed.

Virtus Flow software specializes in digital process automation and digital transformations. Digital process automation brings together the benefits of end-to-end process automation and orchestration to the hundreds of tasks that every company needs to deal with. In May 2020, Virtus Flow released version 2.0 of its platform with an innovative, easy-to-use process modeler that allows every user to create smart forms and dynamic workflows with conditions and logic in minutes—reducing the amount of repetitive work and tasks

The process automation experts at Virtus Flow are willing to answer any questions. Feel free to schedule a quick call booking a meeting from this link.

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