Automated Financial Processes

Account Management

Simplify account opening processes with an intuitive interface that seamlessly integrate with your banking applications.


Automate repetitive processes across different LOB, monetize real-time data to reduce time spent.

Lending Processes

Simplify loan processes and improve customer satisfaction. Identify, condense and streamline duplicate processes.


Manage exceptions and issues with few clicks. Out-of-the-box apps integrated with your systems.


Track every request and procedures with custom workflows without spending a fortune. Virtus Flow integrates a powerful solution.


Manage your assets, schedule controls, and verification forms. Real-time reports to get better insights.

Human Resources

Streamline hiring, onboarding, offboarding and training calendars. Create smart forms and publish online without support of IT.

Documents and Modules

Acquire data with VF Document Management solution. Upload your editable modules to save hours of work across different LOB.

Information Technology

Digitize your request forms and approval processes, assign assets and easily upload a document.

Information Technology

Digitize request forms, manage deadlines and tasks, expedite procedures, track approval processes, manage assets, and document automatically.

Service Desk

ITIL compliant workflows to streamline your Service Desk processes. Open new incident or requests in a snap, automatically dispatch to the right office, supervise execution and transform in insights.

Change Management

Automate your Change Management processes with Virtus Flow, start from a template or create your own workflow in minutes.

Permissions requisition process

Quickly create a permission requisition form to streamline your IT requests. Manage one or multiple approves following roles and organization maps.

Ticketing Management

Simplify your IT Helpesk support with Virtus Flow Ticketing Management solution. Manage tickets workflows, assignments, rules and logic. Gain insights to make better decisions.

IT Inventory and CMDB

Manage IT Assets organizing with different categories and specs. Attach files, manage update and maintenance scheduling, assign users and licenses. Create your own fields with a full CMDB platform.

Recurring tasks and controls

Schedule your daily controls and checks, manage reports and insights. Upload evidences and monitor backlogs for future audit or compliance reviews.


Streamline vendor management processes saving time from repetitive tasks, publish vendors' portal, customize forms and approval workflows.

Supplier registration Portal

Create and Publish Supplier registration portal in minutes simply selecting a template and adding some rules. We'll take care of the rest.

Vendor Credentialing

You can save hours with Virtus Flow Credentialing Management application. You only need to define a basic list of categories, rules and status. The rest of it is already built-in.

Supplier due diligence

Vendors' due diligence is a time-consuming process that you can automate customizing one of our template. As a real no-code platform, Virtus Flow can support your verification processes without the need of your IT.

Purchase request

Organize all the purchasing requests in one place with automatic rules thanks to our no-code platform. Virtus Flow simplifies your daily tasks.


A variety of processes and cases can be streamlined with Virtus Flow. A complete suite of applications designed for lawyers and paralegals to assist financial institutions during the hard time of managing legal disputes.

NLP - Non-performing loan management

Non-performing loan management, including but not limiting to case management system, eDiscovery, document management, deadlines and tasks assignment.

Case Management

Legal issues can be a roadblock for different departments and the only solution is to take care of that as soon as possible. We designed a specific case management application to support your legal team.

Facility Management

Save time and money by properly managing your buildings, spaces, and occupants more efficiently and effectively. Organize maintenance activities and manage technical documentation in a simple way.

Asset Management

Track the full asset inventory life-cycle; manage assets location and technical documents. Organize assets by categories and create automatic workflows to manage requests.

Maintenance Plan

Schedule your maintenance activities and processes. From planned to predictive tasks, keep a track of all your resources, plants and systems including third party vendors and suppliers.

Maintenance requests

Manage all your requests from a single interface, publish local or public Portals, customize workflows and assign automatic dispatching rules.

Building and Maps

Organize your building information in a customizable CMDB. Upload custom maps, drag and drop your assets and share the information with different departments.


There are hundreds of back-office activities that can be automated with Virtus Flow. Start from a template or design your from scratch. Workflow automation is now simple.

Automatic customer's comunications

Forget tedious and repetitive tasks to send communications to your customers. With Virtus Flow you can create robots pulling data from external sources (like CRM, files, DB) to send custom messages to your customers.

Ops Requests

If you want to provide a better service to your departments start automating request forms and tickets. With Virtus Flow you can customize any workflow publishing custom Portal pages. Get insights to streamline your back-office.

Case Management

Legal issues can be a roadblock for different departments and the only solution is to take care of that as soon as possible. We designed a specific case management application to support your legal team.

Human Resources

From hiring to onboarding, from leave requests to organization chart. Virtus Flow is the perfect match to your HR Department. We can help your team to save up to 80% of their time.

Employee Onboarding

We know how tedious is an onboarding process; electronic documents and signature, different forms and systems (payroll, IT, compliance, background check...). With Virtus Flow you can streamline the entire workflow end-to-end.

Hiring Process

From the job requisition form to employee submission form, to the hiring step. Everything can be automated with Virtus Flow.

Leave absence request

Everyone wants PTO, but how hard is to manage approval workflows and calendar without a tool? Virtus Flow combine HR workflows with a rule-based access to keep your information safe.

Office and Branch relocation

People move from one branch or city to another one. Or more simple people get promoted. Managing all the career steps is time consuming and it doesn't end with the HR department. We help you to automate the full process from A to Z so you don't need to worry about anything.

Termination and Offboarding

When some leave or get fired, there is no time to waste. IT and Security departments need to be notified ASAP, and sometimes it is not enough. Many other documents, assets, and communications are involved including severance and benefits. With Virtus Flow you don't need to worry anymore, we automate the process for you.

Organization chart and Job Roles

HR department has many information to share with the rest of the organization but these are sensitive and it can be dangerous to send via email. Virtus Flow is your personal assistant on that matter. Upload your employee benefits, add custom fields and documents, organize the roles and share only what you want with the other departments.


Share custom messages or publish your HR Board in minutes. Define the approval steps to send a public communication to avoid leak of sensitive information.

Training and Events

With Virtus Flow you can invite your employees to be part of a mandatory or suggested training course. With simple forms they can choose between different dates, leave feedback or reschedule an event. Everything automatically.

Lending processes

Lending processes like loan origination, approval steps and all the other sub-processes involved can be easily automated with Virtus Flow. Commercial and Private mortgages as other financial products can be automated with few simple steps.

Loan Request

Simplify loan processes and improve customer satisfaction. Reduce and automate duplicate processes restoring staff trust. Stramline workflows with a mix of dynamic forms, digital workflows and robots. Improve customer experience through efficient operations.

Home Mortgage Request

Streamline mortgage processes and improve customer experience to reduce duplicate activities. Move your bank to the Digital Era with a comprehensive solution to manage forms, documents and approval steps. All-in-one!

Account Opening & Closing

Relationships come always first. When a bank makes account opening seamless, customers are more engaged. Delivering excellence in account opening accelerates banks' deposit strategy, keeping funding stable at the lowest risk possible.

New Accounts

Virtus Flow is the perfect solution to automate Commercial and Personal Account Opening. Forget about paper and overwhelmed employees. Publish your process in few our without IT support.

Treasury Origination

Virtus Flow is the perfect solution to streamline Treasury Origination processes. Book a demo to see the full potential of the platform.

Account Closing

Track all the activities involved with account closing workflows to simplify the process and reduce duplicated tasks.

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