Document Automation is the use of software to digitize and automate the full document lifecycle, from creation to storage. A document automation system uses logics and constraints. It also pulls data from internal sources such as a client or employee profile or external sources such as databases, spreadsheets, queues, and emails. It guides the user when filling smart forms or digital documents.

Generally speaking, every business can benefit from document automation, but the higher the importance of the document is, the more valuable its automation. The suggestion is to always start from documents critical to the success of the organization.

The need is obvious; according to WorkMarket, 70% of business leaders say to be spending from 10% to 40% of their time on mundane tasks. This means that from 45 min to 3 hours of their daily work are going into these tasks. The same report explains that business leaders are struggling to gain more productivity from their workforce. Workers are being bogged down with manual tasks that have little to do with their jobs.

The idea behind this is to eliminate inconsistencies and time spent on repetitive tasks such as filling in information, printing, scanning, sharing, sorting, and storing. For example, if a type of document is frequently produced, document automation makes the most sense. Templates can contain and enforce business logic and rules, these are like guidelines for both automation and users.

Another important aspect of document automation is leveraging correct data to generate documents, which helps businesses create custom documents that fit internal and external requirements.

With automation, documents can quickly become Smart Forms. As opposed to a simple digitalization of a hardcopy version, these are interactive files that move data across departments following business rules and constraints.

Benefits of Document Automation

Document Automation significantly improves organization and control overwork. It drastically reduces paper use and the need for printing. Reduces the time needed to fill, share, and store documents as well as time wasted in activities such as data search. It eliminates double data entry and errors associated with the mistakes of this nature. It improves user experience for example when applying for services or products or submitting an order. Also, internal users’ experience is noticeably improved. It leverages expert document-related knowledge. But let’s approach some benefits in specific. Document Automation:

  • frees IT from the need to create documents and reports. It allows them to focus on higher value-adding work.
  • helps to build interactive documents in a form structure guiding the users to fill out what is needed in a Smart Way.
  • uses logic and rules to standardize document creation and information gathering. It restricts fields to the type of information you need, without leaving room for non-relevant or missing information.
  • pulls data from internal and external sources instead of manually inputting it. It allows you to connect processes, applications, cases, and link them to the same user for example.
  • streamlines Onboarding processes and shortens a new employee’s learning curve.
  • simplifies and organizes information archive, distribution, and access.

Industries that Can Benefit from Document Automation Use

Case Management and Discovery in the Legal Field

This industry heavily relies on document assembly or what it’s the same, document creation. Fast and organized access to information and distribution is key for it, and Document Automation can greatly simplify the way it works. It can reduce operational costs, given that an important part of the fees currently charged are for time spent gathering data and filing documents.

These savings could be considerable, not only for the business but also for clients. Clients can access lawyers’ office and smoothly submit requests, and even start a Case digitally. No more countless phone calls, lack of information regarding case status, no more missing documents but a streamlined, user-friendly, organized Case and Document management.

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Compliance, Lending & Infosec Departments in Banking

Document Automation will change the way these areas work forever. Banks continue to hire new officers in order to take care of phone calls, answer emails, process loan applications, etc. However, this doesn’t solve the root problem. It just means more people managing documents and communications in more different ways.

By adopting Document Automation, they can standardize document assembly, pull out data from customers’ profiles, allow customers to fill and submit applications online from the website. They can also distribute information automatically across different departments and users as well as to generate digital evidence that can be tracked automatically to streamline internal audit processes.

Contract Management in Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the industries that can save millions by implementing Document Automation when managing contracts, insurance policies, and claim management. Being a highly regulated industry, Healthcare relies on audit trails and backlogs to track who did what.

Generating complex documents, from defined templates containing crucial business logic and rules, can streamline entire departments’ work by reducing most repetitive activities. Another advantage is the quicker sharing of information, providing real-time access to the data behind documents.

Adopt Document Automation with Virtus Flow

If you are working with hardcopies or digital documents but you still rely on manual tasks to create, sort, store and share information you will benefit greatly from Document Automation.

Get rid of emails and phone calls to find who is working on that case.

With Virtus Flow, you can streamline the full document lifecycle and give a new life to your data. Create Smart Forms and Digital Workflows to integrate documents and processes. Design document templates and define logic and rules to guide the users. Integrate external sources pulling data from other applications and improve customer experience with a smoother journey.

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