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Workflow automation that works.

8 out of 10 bankers are spending up to half of their day in mundane tasks. You want to get rid of spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls to focus your time on what really matters. We help financial institutions streamlining back-office processes in hours without the need for IT.

Virtus Flow Digital Workflow Automation and BPM software
Virtus Flow Workflow Automation Software

Banking Processes

Operations Templates

Create custom forms or start from one of our 60+ banking templates. Add logic and conditions to create interactions and automatic paths. Expand your options by publishing as Public Page or integrating into your Web Portals.


No-code. No hassle.

Streamline your workflows with our no-coding platform that allows you to digitize your processes end-to-end without the need for your IT. Quickly design workflows with an intuitive interface balancing the distribution of tasks based on a role-based delivery model.

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Workflow Automation? A breeze!

For Any Department

Virtus Flow supports your bank's digital transformation projects automating processes in minutes with advanced user experience.

eSignature and Files

Stop wasting time with your documents. Transform your WORD and PDF file to beautiful forms adding eSignature or a File output.

Smart Forms

Create Smart Forms in minutes, add rules and conditions, customize messages and notification, assign teams and departments.


Import and export data using Virtus Flow Data Mapper and Open APIs, pull data from other sources with a click.

Approval Steps

Streamline your processes by adding approval steps to track what is happening getting rid of spreadsheets and emails.

Metrics and Reports

Get real-time insights instead of waiting reports from your team. With Virtus Flow you always know what is happening!

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See how our automation platform can make your business run better.


Map out processes and remove unnecessary, repetitious steps that slow everything down.


No-code process automation to get you in front of competition without the need of IT.


Accelerate time-to-completion with automatic steps in processes that instantly progress on their own.

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